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Friday, November 06, 2015

Play Arts Kai Darth Vader Bootleg Spotted

ATTENTION COMRADES: We're having a disturbance in the Force. We've received reports of a bootleg Darth Vader from the Play Arts Kai Star Wars Variant line in the local bootleg haven. We're yet to see the actual differences, i.e. paint job, durability, smell, etc. but we do have pictures of the serials from both boxes. With the PAK Darth Vader price tag soaring into utterly preposterous heights i suggest you familiarize yourselves with these to avoid being duped. 

- Larger Font
- Evenly Engraved

Pic courtesy of Jhun Dela Roca

- The usual uneven engraving which seems to be done via a stamping device
- smaller font

Pic courtesy of Law Rence

Pic courtesy of Law Rence

Here are some older PAK serials for reference, notice how uneven the fonts are and they are visibly smaller. These are both Original figures.

Assassin's Creed 2 Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

and the Legendary Solid Snake

*Both pics courtesy of Uzi Enriquez

So there you have it, i will be creating a separate article once i get my hands on a Bootleg Darth Vader. Let's see how it fares against the Original.


  1. I have bootleg vader, as I do not have the original, based oon the bootleg alone, the quality is good.

  2. Hi, i have a pak boba fett but it doesnt have any serial numbers on the bottom flap. Is it a 100% bootleg?

  3. Hi i have a pak boba fett, but it doesnt have serial numbers on the bottom flap of the box, does that means its 100% bootleg? I bought it at an online shop so i cant check it before purchasing :(

    1. can you send us the pic? also, please feel free to join our group

  4. I have a Boba Fett without the PAK silver stamp on the front of the box under his name. Came from Big Bad Toy Store that way...ever seen that?