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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

TOP 10 Sexiest Female Play Arts Kai Figures

Well, looks like it's that time of the year again for the beach, the sun and viewing sexy wom...errr...sorry wrong introduction. 
I'm supposed to write about the TOP PAKs for 2015 because tradition, even if it's tedious and repetitive, is still tradition. However, this article is just too good to pass up. You can ask Comrade Mikhail, he pushed me to write this because if there's one thing that Comrade Mik likes more than vodka, it would be sexy, sexy figures...and i'm not too sure about the vodka part. So here's a toast (of alcohol and what-not) to the Sexiest Play Arts Kai figures released thus far as voted by members of The Convergence Brotherhood and Play Arts Kai Philippines.

#10. (Tie) Catwoman - Arkham City, Harley - Arkham City and Yuna - FFX

Everyone's undecided, eh? Well, expect to see a lot more "Ties" beyond this point. Catwoman was a favorite of mine and i agree with Harley of Arkham City being the sexiest Harley PAK. Those skin tight leather suits are hot. I'm kinda expecting Yuna to be higher in the rankings though, being aware of the FF fanboys everywhere. Believe me, my god they're everywhere! 

#9. (Tie) Chun-Li - SSF4, Lara Croft - Tomb Raider, Bayonetta - Bayonetta

Two figures of iconic characters that made us look differently at female video game characters: Chun Li and Lara Croft. They are expected to make the list. Bayonetta is a surprise entry since, even though her videogame version is doubtlessly hot, the PAK incarnation isn't really much to speak of.

#8. (Tie) Kei - Captain Harlock, Catwoman - Nomura Variant

Kei is an expected entry but that re-envisioning of Catwoman by famed SQEX artist Tetsuya Nomura is indeed a surprise. I haven't had the chance to review her so i can't say for certain but based on the pics those curves are indeed more ways than one.

#7. Cammy - Super Street Fighter 4

No questions about it, when Ms. Cammy White first appeared in Super Street Fighter II everyone's surprised with her get-up, in contrast with the costume of Chun-Li who seemed a bit too hesitant to exhibit some skin. Now here she is, ranked higher (and definitely considered sexier) than the franchise's poster girl.

#6. Deunan - Appleseed Alpha

Josh made a REVIEW of her a while back. And though she's lacking in height, she made up for it with her "ballistics" errr... i mean she comes "packed" with ballisti...guns, i meant to say guns... damn you Luis Sera...

We're entering TOP 5 Territory brothers... read on.

#5. LIGHTNING - Lightning Returns
One of the strongest female leads of recent times, Lightning's third Play Arts Kai incarnation is one of the best PAKs around and i personally applaud her non-sexualized design. You don't always have to show excessive skin to be highly regarded by fans. 

#4. SUPERGIRL - DC Variants

Ryan made a review of Supergirl together with the DCV Superman. She's a personal favorite of mine, one of the best/most attractive face-sculpts thus far in Play Arts Kai history. Looks like many of you agreed with me. Female DC characters never grow old...speaking of which...

#3. WONDER WOMAN - DC Variants

I love Wonder Woman's representation here over her Injustice design who's more into the "manly" side. Sure she's an Amazon but you can be bad-ass and feminine at the same time right?  

#2. QUIET - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Don't tell me you're surprised to see her here (because you're not you perv, LOL) Don't get me wrong, i love her character in the game, i love the design of her Play Arts Kai figure but i just find her representation overly-sexualized. It's a close fight between #1 and #2 but i also personally picked Quiet to be 3rd or 2nd in the list...

#1. TIFA Lockhart - Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children   

REVIEW HERE. WE VOTED FOR HER! The SEXIEST Female Play Arts Kai figure so far. I definitely agree since she's a huge icon already regardless of game genre and she's an established female lead in the most famous Final Fantasy series ever.  I would pick the Game Version Tifa over this one any given day but regardless of which version, Tifa is indeed one of the sexiest characters ever created.

Ok, so we've got that one out of the way. I hope you enjoyed the article brothers. With all the new releases we've come to expect from SQEX, i believe some changes will be made and some new entries will be added to this list by 2016. 

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