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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Play Arts Kai Boba Fett - Star Wars Variants

Ever noticed that only Star Wars baddies have Play Arts Kai Variant figures? Well, anyway... I haven't enjoyed playing with a PAK figure for a long time until the arrival of this Mandalorian armor clad Bounty Hunter. Despite his unceremonious demise, well, i dunno which is canon or not in the Star Wars Universe but i saw his resurrection in some comic series or something, anyway... Boba Fett is/was definitely one of the coolest characters in THIS fabled saga. Honest opinion: He's the BEST among the Star Wars releases for PAKs though he's not as hyped as Lord Vader.

The clone and adopted son of the legendary bounty hunter Jango Fett, Boba is drawn to take revenge on Windu after his father Jango fell against the Jedi Master. Failing to do this, he eventually converted to full-time bounty hunting primarily for the Empire, most notable of which is his capture of Indiana Jones and his aforementioned accidental death (?)  caused by a blinded Solo (due to his carbonite freezing) in one of cinemas' stupidest offing of a really cool villain. 

Boba Fett? Where?

Sorry about that, i got carried away a bit. Here's Boba, alive and well, as a Play Arts Kai:

Boba's arsenal packs a pretty punch especially these days when mediocre accessories are a norm in Play Arts Kai figures. I got a blaster/rifle, a hand flamethrower attachment, pistol, 2 knives, booster effects for his backpack, a bunch of hands, a couple of stands - figure and flame effect support, and that really, really awesome Mandalorian armor.

The  details, especially the weathering effects on Boba Fett's armor, are superb, something the black Lord Vader and Maul failed to capture since, well, they're black clad. I'm not too fond of his backpack though especially that pointy thing on top. Mine came out bent out of the box and the design looks a bit too cartoon-y for me.

His armor also include a couple of knife sheaths on both legs and a holster behind for the pistol. His blaster/rifle is also minutely detailed and it kinda reminds me of PAK Cyborg Ninja's rail gun detail-wise. If there's one thing i hate about his armor it's that gold shoulder piece on his left arm. It's a hindrance when you're posing him using his flame-thrower attachment. 

Boba's balance is pretty good during dynamic poses. I'm not sure if the flame-effect stand is a necessity but i was able to pose mine without using it. It's very similar to the stands for Ryu and Chun-Li in the old PAK SSF4 line. Boba can do well without it though.

Now i feel stupid when i didn't recognize what those attachments are for initially, i really thought they were gun blast effects. I took pics of them attached to the rifle but then i noticed the holes on the booster pack and realized my stupidity. LOL. I didn't read the printed manual on the inner box...i miss the paper manuals now...

It's surprising that the Play Arts Kai Boba Fett Variant didn't get much fanfare from casual PAK collectors since i see some pieces still floating around. Scale-wise and detail-wise he's right there among the best releases of 2015. Price is a bit steep but he's a very good figure so if you will be able to spot one for a decent price you should give him a try. Any unique character from the Star Wars saga can stand alone in any display anyway. 



  1. great review, just to add in case you aren't aware, all the star wars variants now have bootlegs, so buyer beware!

  2. Any comparison with fake and authentic yet