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Monday, February 01, 2016

Play Arts Kai Man on Fire Review - Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

(*ME, talking off camera) Am i supposed to give a SPOILER ALERT warning? What for? Oh, alright...
If for some reason you've been living in a cave for a decade then you would have no idea who this guy is. Either you're a doomsday conspiracy enthusiast who went underground for fear of a nuclear winter back in the 90's or you're a bat - whichever one, it doesn't explain why you have internet access, but anyway... Metal Gear Solid fans caught the scent the moment this bad-a$$ MF made his presence known in the trailer...  

This mysterious adversary has been chasing Medic Snake (Oooops! too late, Spoiler!) relentlessly in the game like a much more flame and steroid-laden Nemesis and/or Tyrant though he's definitely much harder to bring down, well, unless of course you're living near a steady water source... something missing in the jungles of Africa during that mission wherein he'll screw up with your Gunship if you're gonna be too sissy to neutralize him first before attempting to board. And oh yeah, we tried sending him to Mother Base via that cool balloon...

There's no way i'm gonna keep typing Man-on-Fire here for the duration of the review so yeah, this guy is Colonel Volgin. Resurrected after Naked Snake blasted his ass to oblivion in Snake-Eater, brought back by a mumbo-jumbo of science and the supernatural. Two elements from different spectrum that the Legendary Hideo never backed down from. And that is why we all love the Metal gear series folks.
I must say i'm impressed with this figure though his accessories are extremely lacking. For one thing, he's the first Play Arts Kai figure you can absolutely disassemble from the waist up. Those fire accessories are pretty sweet and his scale is nothing to scoff at. I wish they included a Volgin alt head but that would be a much terrible spoiler in any case. 

Well, the flame parts can be attached to his neck, torso and arms to simulate that igniting thingy he's pulling off in the game. Honestly though he doesn't offer much playability since he's just basically walking slow, attacking then walking slow again in the game. He's primarily there to look damn menacing, and he's really succeeded on that. That hospital scene still freaks me out.

One of the things that gave him away: those bullets attached to his fists. If you'll remember, Volgin used a similar attack in Snake oh, sorry, i forgot you're a caveman...or a bat...

Like i mentioned, his scale is fantastic since they kept the representation true to the video game model. His paint job is ok enough though i must admit i still can't get myself to like the shiny finish of modern Play Arts Kai figures. For his scale he's pretty stable balance-wise though he's top-heavy. As for the disassembly trick, i'm intrigued to see SQEX pull off that same feature on other PAK figures in the future. 
Needless to say, if you're an MGS fan you should get this figure though i'm sorry i can't say the same for non-fans. There aren't much to attract or keep your attention to this figure aside from the fact that he's one of the most prominent and memorable antagonist in the Metal Gear universe. I can't imagine a Metal Gear fan missing out on the Colonel so here he is beating the crap out of Frank Jaeger. Last pic NSFW. LOL.
You're welcome.

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