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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Play Arts Kai Lawrence Barrett - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Ok, time for another "back" review, i've been considering getting a Play Arts Lawrence Barrett from the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the longest time but with the 1st release going price of Play Arts Kai figures these days, it's a no brainer that i passed him for other more famous figures (Super Street Fighter 4; et. al.). I was finally able to get him for an "On-Sale" price hence this review.
Lawrence Barrett, if i remember correctly, is the first of the 3 augmented mercenaries that the main protagonist Adam Jensen will have to defeat in the game. He's a member of the Tyrants, the group responsible for the attack that left Adam with cybernetic augmentations.

Upon opening the box, one thing's for certain, Lawrence is one massive BAMF. Do check out the pics below for his scale.
His primary weapon is a Gatling gun hidden inside his cybernetic augmented arm. Of course, you'll have to replace his left arm with the alternate weapon-hand included. Square-Enix is yet to pull a Transformers Mech-Tech gimmick on us. Which brings us to perhaps one of the reasons he's not that tempting to get: his accessories.
The goodies included with Lawrence is really lacking: the weapon-hand and a couple of extra open hands. I hope they just turned the open hands into "grenade-hands" similar to Play Arts Kai HALO: Reach Emile, i think Barrett will be a lot more interesting with those especially when the front of his armor...
Nice buckle you got there! really bursting with grenades. It's a minus to playability IMO and would have made a lot of difference to the overall attractiveness of the figure.   
Moving along, his head sculpt is impressive as well as the other details of his armor. It's also nice to see a figure exhibit an emotion, albeit a frozen one, which in Barrett's case that serious, cold, soulless gaze of a war hardened veteran.
Either that or he's just constipated...
By the way, his chin is augmented with some kind of metal, so yeah, those are not stubbles just in case you're interested to know. The only thing i don't like in his design is that "bib-like" thing in his armor on the front of his face and at the back of his head. I haven't played the game so i don't really know what's that for. He's not very dynamic with his poses as well though his arms got the "Dissidia hinges" which Adam Jensen don't really have.
Who's the man?! I'm the man!
Showing off
His gun is very-well detailed if you check it closely, you can even see the details of his folded mechanical hands - fingers and all. However, it can only be attached on his left arm, i almost ripped off his right arm elbow pad thinking he's ambidextrous.
Like i mentioned earlier, Barrett is a massive guy, almost as tall as the Peacewalker figures. By design his head is a bit too small for his frame IMO but i'm glad to find out that his body can accommodate (a bit awkwardly) the head of the Play Arts Kai 10 inchers. That's a +1 on playability.
Overall, Barrett is a very nice figure but he's not a must-have, though if you're into Deus Ex and wish to get a villain to pit against Adam Jensen then you're better off with Barrett than Fedorova. If you got some extra cash to spend he's still available at Greattoys Online.

You take my pics? i'll take your head!

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  1. This character appears five minutes in the game, what a shame because it looks cool, I only bought Jensen.

    - Hyde -