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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Play Arts Kai Raiden painted prototype @ SDCC 2012

This seems to be an afternoon full of surprises, word just got to me of the painted Play Arts Kai Raiden @ SDCC 2012. Aside from Play Arts Kai Meryl and Play Arts Kai Solidus this is another figure which i cannot afford to miss.
Finally! Play Arts Kai Raiden. Photo courtesy of Touya of
More pics after the jump.

Photo courtesy of Touya of
Photo courtesy of Touya of
The details are just superb and i especially like the metallic paint apps. Those accessories doesn't really look that good but what the heck! this is Raiden we're talking about. I'd love to see him duel soon against Grey Fox. More details in the coming days.


  1. slight dissapointment, wish they made a version from MGS4- thats the raiden we loved and grew up with

    1. don't lose hope, there is still the possibility of Square Enix doing multiple versions like what they did with Naked Snake/Big Boss. Personally i wish to see a Tuxedo Snake. hehe

  2. This is quite awesome, i do hope they make the mgs4 version as well. I wonder if ocelot came to mind yet, hes the one to make.