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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Play Arts Kai Kazuya and Jun spotted @ SDCC 2012

Just got this news from bro orochicoops of PinoyToyKolektors forums and Zelu1984 of FinalFantasyMerchadise, seems like we'll be seeing the Tekken characters make their much awaited transition to Play Arts Kai.
Photo courtesy of Zelu1984 from
More pics after the jump.

Kazuya is a must have, but i'm surprised that they chose Jun over Heihachi, Jin, Paul, etc. Their logic beats me. It's like, what? A husband and wife tandem? Ahem.
Well, at the very least, please make them 10 inchers or at least in the same scale as the Super Street Fighter 4 Play Arts Kai figures.
Photo courtesy of Zelu1984 from
Photo courtesy of Zelu1984 from


  1. Jun's good I can pair her up with Chun Li but here's hoping for an Asuka or Xiaoyu.

    1. ^^i feel that the next Wave will feature Asuka and Jin, i hope i'm right. Then perhaps Paul or Law with Xiaoyu or Nina on the 3rd Wave. I'm not a big fan of Yoshimitsu but i kinda like to see Play Arts Kai's take on him.