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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Play Arts Kai Batman and Catwoman from Arkham City

If you haven't read about the 1st Play Arts Kai Batman figure from the Arkham Asylum game you can see it HERE, sure, i'll wait for you... ... ... ... ... ... Ok, done? Let's move along.
With the recent release of Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Volume 2 featuring Harley and the Armored Batman figures Square-Enix announced a hard-hitting follow-up to the popular Play Arts Kai line: Batman and Catwoman from the Arkham City game.
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The third Play Arts Kai Batman figure looks a lot closer to the classic Batman design and it's a good thing they decided to pep up the accessories, well, a little bit, with an alternate head and the Batclaw attachment.

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While another Batman figure is expected, the surprise this time comes in the form of the Caped Crusader's feline adversary: Catwoman, as seen below, striking a provocative pose in her trademark skintight leather. She comes with a Whip, a couple of grip hands, a couple of claw hands and an alternate goggled head.
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In this particular release Catwoman looks a lot more interesting since, seriously, unless you are a Play Arts Kai completist or a Batman fanatic, you can only take one too many versions of him. Honestly, I already dropped the line since, personally, i have issues with their scale versus the MGS, RE and DMC 10 inchers though i'm sure a lot of collectors are looking forward to this new Play Arts Kai offering. I don't want to spoil your excitement guys.
Release Date? TBA
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