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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Play Arts Kai Guile - Super Street Fighter 4 Review

I just noticed that my last few reviews were full of recollections especially the characters from the older games that i know well and though i would like to make an exception for the Play Arts Kai Guile figure, i don't think it's possible. To be honest, Guile is the first Street Fighter character that really left an impression on me. Perhaps because "Sonic Boom" is a more coherent phrase during playtime instead of "Hadouken" and i am a big fan of his Flash Kick which i fondly refer to then as "jack-knife," for some reason only an 11 year old will understand.
The future of the Super Street Fighter 4 Play Arts Kai line doesn't look good after the release of Akuma and Cammy. I actually thought they will discontinue the line when there are no more news of a follow-up and all we got are a bunch of recolors. I was surprised when they displayed a prototype of Guile, Ibuki, Ken and Sakura. The collector in me rejoiced at the news...even as my wallet groaned in dismay.

After a long hiatus SQEX brought us a new SSF4 PAK and, you know what? He was well worth the wait. I may be a little biased here since i'm yet to review Ibuki but right now, at least to me, Guile is the best Street Fighter PAK figure. The details are pretty game accurate and the accessories aren't too shabby either: an alternate screaming face, an extra pair of hands (doing gangsta symbols!lol) and his Sonic Boom. The stand, which is also a standard in all new PAKs, is a very good addition. You'll see why at the bottom most pictures.

Guile is impressively ripped, the sculpt is really good as well as the paint apps. Well, both of his faces are a bit grumpy and he seemed to be on steroids but you have to agree that they are all  very well made albeit a bit too cartoonish...but then, SSF4 characters are basically rendered that way. If there are negatives in his design, they have to be the ball connectors on his arms since they are way, way too obvious. His balance is particularly good for a top heavy guy and the diaper issue isn't much of a hassle. The ratcheted joints on his legs are solid and stable enough for action poses such as these:

So where's the other Sonic Boom wave? Well, he's got only and i don't really mind if you ask me, what i'm missing is his flash kick...well, i'll leave that to the end of the article and...Oh! here's where Guile ranks on the Play Arts Kai SSF4  scale:

Well, he's a big guy in the game though he fights in a slouching stance so i think the scale's pretty accurate. If you're planning to complete the SSF4 Play Arts Kai line, like me, Guile should be your priority after Ryu. If you're working on a budget and more of a classic Street Fighter fan you should consider Ryu, Guile, Chun Li and Ken in that order. It's good to know that the 4 most famous classic Street Fighters are now up there for grabs...well, except for Ken who's a few months away, at least. While i was not able to take some fighting shots for Guile i actually made an effort to take these shots of my favorite move of his:

You're welcome.


  1. I think he looks very game accurate. Guile was my favorite when i was a kid. Awesome review!!

  2. Nice Review, very helpful, great blog too, keep it up, man.

  3. My friend, whats the name of the stand to use with Play Art Kai Street fighter chars?. I bought Act 4 but is very little. Where can i find it? Hope you can help me, Regards

  4. i cant wait till they release the Ken.