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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Play Arts Kai Jun Kazama - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Oooook, first things first, i'd like to thank bro Anton Aldon of Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group  for trading his Play Arts Kai Jun Kazama figure to me, making this review possible. It is only fitting that i prioritize this review over the Play Arts Kai Guile though Guile's pics have been on the waiting area for some days now. Ok, on to the review...
Jun is one of the few characters that i remember well back from the Playstation 1 days of Tekken, maybe because she regularly beat my guys (King & Heihachi) - on a side note, my brother is very fond of using her and her son, (Jin in Tekken 3) who inherited some of her moves so i'm certainly not a newbie going against her. To be honest, i'm not particularly excited to see her on the 1st Wave of Play Arts Kai TTT2 alongside Kazuya, though i imagine it's unavoidable since she's the "Unknown" Final Boss in the game. I have no plans of acquiring her, actually, but after seeing what they did to Kazuya i figured she's worth a try.

Packaging and accessories are similar to Kazuya so let's skip that part. The only difference is that i'm using the stand on this one - (pre-assembled courtesy of bro Anton). Jun's face, however, isn't as game accurate as Kazuya's though the paint job is just as good or, technically, even better since she's fully clothed unlike Kazuya who's basically half skin-tone painted.
Though i won't mind seeing her in her "Unknown" form for, ahem, review purposes.

It seems to me that Jun's face and body sculpt (.)(.) is bit off, well, compared to Kazuya who's got a perfect head sculpt. She's still pretty fine i guess. Also, her - i don't know what you call that exactly, shawl? i think that's a shawl - is semi-articulated so they don't pose any problems when twisting and angling her arms. To me that's very important since that's where the Play Arts Kai Jun Kazama figure beat the Kazuya figure by a long shot.

As you've just witnessed, Jun is very, very poseable and the stand works perfectly for her since she's lighter than the guy figures. I tried to do some of her fighting poses - as i remember them - and they all seem to work just fine. I'd like to mention, she's got Kazuya's "diaper issues" also but it works to her advantage since it enables her to lift her legs higher for a pose than Kazuya.

Jun's scale though is a bit weird. She's significantly smaller than her Ex and smaller than the SSF4 PAKs. Her balance though is way superior than the SSF4 figures and though she is flimsier than most female PAKs, she's got a good, sturdy feel on her arms and legs. Still, be very careful when working on her arm - she's got the Dissidia hinges.

I'd recommend you get her if you are a fan of Tekken though i don't think she'll be selling really fast. I still consider her the weakest from the recent releases across different PAK lines - Tekken, SSF4, Halo, Tomb Raider, etc. If you do get her though you'll definitely be impressed with her playability and poseability. Some cheesy bonus shots for those rooting for the couple to get back again (S#!t, that last line seemed to be my cheesiest on this blog yet!)


  1. Though not that impressed with her sculpt i really thought those pics at the end were funny haha!! Yet... Somehow very romantic :( *sniff sniff* great review man, as always!!

  2. Also i wasnt lucky on that cyborg ninja i wanted on ebay. Bid got too high :/ guess ill keep hunting again. Let me know if you spot one for me my friend.

  3. thanks buddy, yeah, she's not a must have if you're not really a Tekken fan since she's pretty simple.