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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Play Arts Kai Raiden Blue Custom Body - MGRR

Well i'd like to consider this acquisition a birthday present to myself. I'm quite happy already with my Regular and White Play Arts Kai Raidens so i'm not really gunning after the other colors. But as fate would have it, i came across a rather interesting post @PTK (to me at least, my wallet doesn't share the same sentiment though, what a bummer!) and i must admit i succumbed to an impulse buy...and here he is...damn...
Needless to say i'm compelled to complete the whole set. Oh, by the way, thanks a lot to Markwin, the founder of One Sixth Republic for hooking me up with Blue Jack.

It's gonna be silly if i'll be reviewing Raiden again since this'll be the 3rd one if i do so. Might as well treat this as a showcase instead to save my brain from...errr...overloading...from...too...goddamn much...Raidens...

 He comes in basically with all the weapons and accessories of the other Raidens...well, duh. I just wish though that they created a custom/unique packaging for him like they did with White Jack.

The highlight though is Jack's brand new Blue body paint (again, duh!), i'd like to point out the following though: (1) he's darker than the original color, (2)he's got a glossy sheen that is not present on the matte finish of the White Jack and (3) He was actually voted (unofficially) as the best custom color for Raiden by members of Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group (PAKPTG). It's not an official poll though but many agreed that this version is pretty cool, aside from being the rarest one right now (so far!).

I personally prefer the White Jack over the Blue one but i agree that it's a very close call. Right now, i find him the best Raiden on display in my cab as well.

If you're not going to complete the 5 Custom Colors of Jack you're good with the original color or the White version. This one's a pretty pain in the behind to find and like i said, i just got lucky. Good luck hunting him for a reasonable price.

So what's next for Jack? Maybe this pic will give you a hint...



  2. I agree that the white one looks better. More eye catching. But that red one looks awesome too... Too bad i have to stick with my regular raiden :)