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Monday, August 12, 2013

Revoltech Jinouga Blademaster - Monster Hunter

Is it just me or is Revoltech getting stronger with each new release? Being new to the line i simply can't help but be impressed with the line-up and they just keep pouring it on.

I must say that when i first saw pics of the Jinouga/Zinogre Blademaster i really love to get my hands on one and do a review. The guys of Revoltech Philippines actually made that wish come true and it's an honor doing this review for them though I'll be honest, i never played a Monster Hunter game back in the heyday of PS2, now i heard they have a Wii-U exclusive which means i'll never get to play it as well. Oh well, at least i got this damn fine looking b@d@$$ over here...
Jinouga Blademaster is the latest on the long storied line of Revoltech Monster Hunter figures and i believe the 2nd Hunter figure released, after the Rathalos BM. He's sporting the colors of a Jinouga/Zinogre monster, which are blue and yellow and, in-game, he's got some of the characteristics as well - "Awakening" anyone?
 It ain't Revoltech without an impressive arsenal of accessories. You get the dual blades (ala Kratos), the long sword and great sword for his weapons with an array of different alt hands and the stands and other extra knick-knacks to round up the package.

Details are superb for, like what i usually say for Revos, a small scale figure. Although i must admit that the blue/yellow theme is bit off for me and my uninitiated eye they look pretty good on the figure especially, i bet, if posed next to a Jinouga Wyvern figure, which i, unfortunately, do not have...yet.
As far as articulation goes, Jin packs quite a punch. I find him a lot more poseable than Revo Snake actually and since i generally consider melee wielding figures a lot more impressive than gun-toting ones when it comes to poses, i did some with Jin and i'm quite happy with the result.

 Details are rampant without sacrificing playability, i tend to disagree with the claim that actual playability for Jinouga is pretty low for a Revo. Two peg holes for unequipped weapons: Check!, Articulation on the shoulder guards: Check! Head, neck and hair movement: Check!, Flexible leg and Toes: Check!, Intimidating Weaponry: Hell yeah! 4 Checks on that!!!! My only gripe though is that the weapons, particularly his great sword's handle broke with little effort on my part. I wasn't even aware that it will be so weak and i heard reports that it's a common problem with the figure . Take care also with the long one since the handle is pretty thin and brittle. The dual blades though are sturdy so hack and slash to your heart's content.
 When i took pics of Jin most of the standard monsters around the house are on vacation (it's a weekend, what would you expect?) so i had to make do with the other pets around here...

 He was a bit rebellious though and insisted we just play Modern Warfare 3...

Jinouga is a pretty good buy and really worth his price tag especially if you have the other MH Revos around. He's one of those figures that would actually convert non-line collectors into considering getting into a new line.

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  1. Been awhile since i last visited this site. Been working on my future and such with college :) havent stopped supporting you my friend. Awesome figure, though im not familiar at all with the game he's from. But what sticks out to me more that makes him look awesome is the colors. Kinda reminds me of mighty morphin power rangers haha!!