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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Play Arts Kai Batman Variant - DC Universe

Like i mentioned on my teaser post at Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group, i fully understand that the latest Play Arts Kai Batman incarnation needs no more introduction being one of the most hyped and anticipated figure for the year. And though i hate the hype I must agree that he didn't disappoint. Perhaps one of the best PAK releases thus far though i wouldn't go as far as brand him the NEW "King of Kais," and for good reasons...well get to that later.
Packaging is one of the finest we've seen from SQEX and though i'm not a fan of the cover flap system the custom artwork stands pretty impressive on display. The inner flap art looks good as well, looks like we have an anime Bruce Wayne in our hands.

Batman's arsenal is pretty standard though this time around he's packing a Katana and his grappling gun is replaced by something (an actual gun?) that looks like a takeout from the HALO line. Now i wouldn't want to f#!k around with this version of Batman if i'm one of the illustrious villains of Gotham City. Wayne's variant seemed to have done away with the "no killing" motto hence the sword and gun. Now that's an anime series i can get behind, Batman executing villains vigilante style...

The armor design on this Batman definitely kicks @$$ though to me it comes out as a ceremonial attire, perhaps to impress fellow 1st Waver Diana - Wonder Woman or maybe a future Selina Kyle. If i'm Batman I'd hate to stab myself on those over-sized gauntlet blades or snag my cape on a spire or something and give The Joker something legit to laugh about while escaping - F#!k those hooks! Typical anime costume exaggeration so it's forgivable in my opinion.

 I definitely love the billowing cape effect though (articulation included!) and his balance is simply superb. The cape is providing perfect counterweight for doing poses sans the stand. The katana actually makes him 50% more impressive than the standard Batman design. I know you've seen a lot of takes on those but give me a chance to add some more, will you?

The biggest hype surrounding this version of Batman though is that it's the NEW! "King of Kais," better than Raiden they said and though i hate to burst the bubble fanboys i must say this: "He's not", close but no cigar.
For one thing, the arm, cape and elbow designs,  doesn't allow you much poseability especially when holding the sword. The biceps limit the upward movement while the cape and shoulders pose a problem when trying to bring his arms up. They also have the tendency to become loose easily. Another reason is the face sculpt. This Batman is one of the laziest face sculpts i've seen which is definitely far behind Raiden and the MGS line in general. Seriously, take a look at the overly simplistic details on the face as well as the skin tone - Hal Jordan's face sculpt and tone is much better.
Another reason i'd like to throw in the mix is that this version of Batman is unique to the SQEX PAK toy line. That means no anime, video game or comics...well, at least not yet, therefore you cannot compare the accuracy or faithfulness of the figure from, let's say, his comic or game counterpart. Something Raiden was able to accomplish with near perfection.
I agree though that he's the best Batman figure so far from SQEX simply because of his scale and proportion. He's a worthy display piece that can hold his own against the big boys (see Dante and Ezio below). As expected, he's the most impressive piece also from the 1st Wave of DC Variants from Play Arts Kai...i think not even the Variant Superman (coming soon!) can top him.


  1. Wow, this is f#@king awesome!! I know i will not be able to get him soon from the outrageous price he has but still. Hes not a king of kais in my opinion as well. I just like his scale!! Oh kais, i wish they're prices didnt increase soo much!! Great review man!!

  2. Got all 3 of the DC Variants PAK.
    Batman is the only one with no problems.
    My Wonder woman has blue paint smudges on the back left leg and its wrist joints are too tight that its scary to move coz I might damage it. The 2 other figures didnt have the wrist problem.
    Green lantern has small paint smudge on the right shoulder and the left side of the chest piece.
    Cant replace them anymore since they were the last stocks on the store.
    Besides those problems overall their great with amazing detail and articulation.

    PS. Saw some video reviews on youtube and apparently they also have the small paint problems on this figures.


  4. Does the serial number on your variant batman look normal because mine looks different from my other figures and I am afraid it might be a bootleg

  5. If they have bootlegs, wish I could have one. ^_____^

  6. Till now, there are no bootlegs distributed on DC Variants line (I dunno with the Red Version of this one --- they sell it elsewhere without box).

    And never hope to have Bootlegs for this PAK line.