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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hot Toys Aldo Raine - Inglorious Basterds Showcase

I ain't gonna review this new acquisition of mine, well, he's released back in 2010 so i'll just do a showcase. I recently got into collecting Hot Toys figures which i'd fondly refer to as the "1/6 Curse" being quite an unhealthy line to collect. Anyway, this is one of my original targets being a big fan of Mr.Pitt here.

 If only they released other Brad characters like Achilles, Louis de Pointe du Lac or goddamn Tyler Durden...oh well, Aldo the Apache is still damn impressive

Although the head sculpt is pretty accurate i'm just missing that scowl by Aldo in the movie. No big thing though. even if you're not familiar with the movie you'll know the actor behind the character in a single glance.

 If you're familiar with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen i'd like to share that i'm actually planning to create a League of Extraordinary Basterds led by Lt.Aldo "The Apache" Raine here comprised of other Hot Toys bad-asses. Consider Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes the inaugural members.

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  1. Not the biggest Pitt fan but still a pretty cool figure. I bet these 1/6 figures are killing your wallet. Great review dude :)