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Monday, October 07, 2013

Revoltech Yotsuba & Danbo Review

The very first time i encountered the lovable Danboard i must admit i wanted to get one. It's a rare thing that something so remotely unknown to me perked up my interest and eventually prompted me to do some background check about the figure. I was actually surprised to find out that Danboard's just a supporting character in a very interesting manga "Yotsuba & !" Basically, it follows the story of a young girl named Yotsuba Koiwai. I haven't really read the ongoing series but i find it pretty charming that a non-fantasy story would actually be captivating. I guess that's one of the magic of manga that is strange to the west. I'm not from the west by the
I am also quite surprised to know that a girl friend of Yotsuba, Miura Hayasaka, was actually the person underneath those cardboard boxes. Well, a bit of a tomboy but a young girl nonetheless. How the manga guys somehow fit those pieces together in a narrative is truly something intriguing.

To start this up, a GREAT big thanks to Revoltech Philippines for giving me the chance to review these very nice figures. I will be reviewing them together since i don't think it will work any other way.
Danboard is a bit lacking in accessories but Yotsuba defintely made up for it. You can check out the goodies below and, frankly, i don't mind if all Danbo got are an alt-head, base stand and connector. The figure design is it's own charm. As for Yotsuba, you get 3 pairs of alt hands, a couple of alt faces (a happy anime face and an unsettling serial killer face), bag, popsicle, water gun (?), hat and stand.  

I think the main highlight of Danbo is the light up feature of her eyes. I personally love that design and i tell you you really have to see it for yourself. Danbo earned a prominent space in my display cab because of that. Never mind the limited poseability and articulation or accessories, once you handled Danbo and play with her a bit i'm sure you'll be quite taken with the figure.

As for the Yotsuba figure, she's very Revoltech articulation wise and you're gonna love all the nifty poses you'll be able to do with her. Combine that with her different expressions and tons of accessories and you got one very good Revoltech figure i personally think you shouldn't miss. After all, if you get Danbo i strongly suggest you get Yotsuba. Once again, these two Revoltech figures are part of the rare "both or none" sets, one simply wouldn't be complete without the other.

Another surprise is their sizes, they are pretty large for a Revo, both in height and build. just another reason for you to give these excellent new Revoltech figures a try. Oh, by the way, their price is pretty friendly too and i really think you should give them a try...i know i'm being redundant but, seriously, guys, come on...

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  1. Really cute figures dude. I fell in love with the danbo one as soon as i saw the light up eyes. It gives a creepy reflection on the glass if you ask me haha. Nice review man, ive never heard of this before but now im a little curious :)