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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hot Toys Naked Snake Review - Sneaking Suit Version

I can't imagine missing this figure being a Metal Gear Solid fan, though, admittedly, i am not really a big fan of the sneaking suit design from MGS3: Snake Eater. I did plan to get this some months back but wave after waves of Play Arts Kai figures pushed him further down the priority list. Previous reviews (and they are quite rare) of this Naked Snake version aren't really reassuring but, what the hell! The MGS fanboy in me won out in the end and I'm glad i was able to "sneak" him into the budget.
Though equally impressive as the rest of the MGS installments i am not a big fan of Snake Eater's character designs (well, except for Adamska a.k.a. Young Ocelot) - Cobra Unit = Meh. Maybe that's the reason why i intended to pass getting into the 1/6 MGS line. However, rumors looming of a possible Solid Snake and Raiden Hot Toys solidified my resolve to get Naked Snake, after all, Snake Eater is where it all technically began.

I've seen the brown shipper box before but it's the first time i had a figure packed inside it. Not a biggie but it's reassuring of the figure's (and box) quality. Naked Snake's armory is impressive and you gotta love the small thingies included such as the Ration Can, Grenades, Claymore Mine, Binoculars, etc. on top of the classic M16, Pistol with detachable suppressor and machine gun. My only gripe was that the heavy machine gun's front/crosshair part was damaged straight out of the box. Not noticeable and it ain't that big anyway so it's ok. So much for quality control though...

Naked Snake's outfit is made from a soft rubbery material, allowing good joint movements though i'm scared to put too much stress on the fabric since it looks like it has the tendency to chip and tear overtime. If i'm not mistaken, the only cloth parts in his body armor are those orange trims as well as the materials used for his harness, pouches and belt bags. The alt hands (which are a bit too big in my opinion) are made from hard PVC and cover around half of his forearm. I mentioned it since it's quite difficult to pull out the hand pegs when they get stuck inside the gloves.
As expected from a Hot Toys figure, the head sculpt is truly the glory of Naked Snake. I see an older Hugh Jackman in his features who is attached to (short-lived) rumors about Solid Snake and the live-action MGS movie.

While the upper body is well balanced structure wise i just find the thin legs weird and not exactly to my liking. I wish they made those a bit thicker or maybe i can stuff something inside those pants to buff them up. Those thin legs make his upper body and head appear bigger than the lower body areas.
Poseability is pretty good though like i mentioned i dare not put too much stress on his fabrics for fear of tearing them. Perhaps i'll pull some CQC poses next time when i get the chance. I'm missing the feet swivels though since his boots do not have those PAK features thereby limiting his angled feet poses.

Scale is definitely larger than the Naked Snake PAKs as seen below and details are far superior. PAKs beat him though when it comes to poseability and playability...and i'm being honest about it...

The box included is a welcome addition to the package. +1 to playability and humor. I hope the future MGS HTs will also include these boxes.

Got this figure from Greattoys Online and i hope to get The Boss figure very soon. The MGS fanboy in me really wish to review her. If you are an MGS fan i suggest you get Naked Snake. Not planning to get Video Game Masterpiece figures from Hot Toys but hell yeah! This is Naked Snake. He's my goddamn father after all (ahem...i'm Solid Quokka by the way...)


  1. Good catch! Dumadami na HT natin, bro Jeri. Napupuno na yung upper part nung cabinet mo ng Awesomness! Wooohooo more awesome stuff to come, daming bagong release ng PAK!

  2. Awesome review dude as always. I feel the same about the legs though!!