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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hot Toys Alice Showcase - Resident Evil: Afterlife

FACT: The Resident Evil Live Action movie series suck because of their representation of our beloved RE video game protagonists (i.e. Jill is reduced to a B-movie bimbo, Leon is a washed-up ex-boyband look-alike, Chris is good in breaking out of prisons, Ada lost her hotness and Barry is Blob). FACT: I am a Resident Evil Video Game franchise fan so i should be hating the movie series like hell (or in my case, like large hunstman spiders). However (and i believe i'm not the only one)... FACT: Even if you are a true RE fan you can't avoid watching this crappy series for some mind-boggling reason. Maybe this lady has got something to do with it...
My, my, isn't she perky?...ummm, i mean, pretty.
 ...or it's because of the large probability of seeing her...ummm...assets...oh hey look, a cool box and all those guns. ahem...Oh! Got her before Naked Snake actually but i'm not gonna review her since she's been around for quite some time. Just let me show you what she's got and why i got her.

Not exactly dead on with Ms.Jovovich but man i can't resist the arsenal she's packing. Twin MP5s, Twin Revolvers and Twin Sawed-off Shotguns. Throw in twin machetes (?) and a Katana (?) and we've got a good solid figure here. The Joes would be proud of her.

I'm being extra careful though with the thin leather harness since it seems very fragile...oh shit, there you go...they snap off easily. Repairable, but still...

That freaking corset thingy also needs a bit of tweaking, it makes this ex Supermodel look fat. I haven't tried taking her clothes off yet so...errr, what was that? Why would i? ummm, well...she's got an extra garment you can use, a winter coat as seen in the movie. You dirty, green-minded little rascal...
She's cheaper than most HTs so if you want extra firepower for your other HT soldiers you should consider getting her,

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  1. I hate the RE movie franchise but i still think this is a great figure. Looks awesome and comes with awesome stuff. Please dont remove her clothes dude hahaha!! Itd be awkward if someone walked in haha :) great post!!