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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Play Arts Kai Leon Kennedy Review - Resident Evil 6

When SQEX announced that they will be making Resident Evil 6 Play Arts Kai figures i was really excited. Hell! I even created a separate article for it when it was first announced. "Nothing could go wrong" was my belief since their first RE take some years back (Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar) aren't that bad by old PAK standards. It's to be expected that RE6 would be awesome, after all, they already learned from the past, ehhhhh... probably...
I guess i expected too much then, being filled with the thoughts of Metal Gear Solid and Advent Children, i convinced myself that Resident Evil 6 will be just as good. I kinda hate the let down, imagine PAK DMC3 and you'll know what i'm talking about...
I hate bashing or hyping things up and i'm gonna give you an honest opinion about how i find Leon; he simply fell way below my expectations and though, truth be told, i expected too much, it's still obvious that RE6 is a bit of a step back for PAKs. What makes it tougher to swallow is the fact that i am a big fan of the Resident Evil franchise. Anyway, for starters, here's Leon's arsenal:
In a game filled with guns, guns and more unlockable guns i think these are inadequate. Chris and Sheva have more guns, accessories, holsters, details, etc. how come the pretty poster boy of RE only got these to boot?
I have played, observed and watched enough of his Resident Evil games (RE 2, 4 and 6) and movies (Degeneration and Damnation, not the Live-action film) to know how off the face sculpt is. If you think otherwise i suggest you play RE4 and 6 and watch both of his CG Movies to familiarize yourself with Leon's looks. I tell you this is more Reon than Leon especially in person - the camera didn't show the dark eye shadow finish around his eyes.
I must say, he does look a bit like that shabby, washed-up ex-boyband member, hobo Leon from the last RE Live Action movie. Also, his clothes and paint finish will definitely remind you of DMC3 Dante - I think they overdid the shiny finish AGAIN on Reo...errr...i mean Leon.

Poseability is typically PAK though his balance is terrible without a stand. His legs remind me of the flimsy Adam Jensen ones but i must commend the arm hinges, simply put, they aren't Dissidia hinges so i expect them to be sturdier.

You don't get much from his arsenal so playability is a bit limited. If only he's bigger the MGS weapons would be perfect for him.
The scale is messed up again apparently. With DCV and Advent Children following the scale of MGS i am really disappointed with what they did with RE6. Refer below for the height difference. Sad to say this line further justified my PAK streamlining.
Should you get him? If you are an RE fan and you can get past the face sculpt and scale you probably should since he's the best small scale Leon figure so far (NECA's versions aren't that good either if you ask me). As for me, i'd probably take my chances on a 1/6 version.

For those of you still waiting, they still have Leon and Helena @Greattoys Online branches, where i also got mine, for about the same price. Better check them out in person.


  1. Looks nothing like the prototype shots and the cover for the box, although at some angles I guess he can pass off as the Leon Kennedy we all know. Tad disappointed. Will probably rock if given the DMC4 treatment.

    1. Yeah bro, I wish they kept the scale consistent with RE5 at least. I would have forgiven him if it were so. Also, the pics make him look better, he's got dark shades on his face in person.

  2. I agree... Im upset about this one man...

  3. I want a pak resi 4 leon :( there are no good leons beside the $900 hot toys ones.

  4. hey man. love reading your toy reviews. could you do me a massive favor?
    see i am a toy custom amateur and was thinking of doing a custom PAK two face. actually made quite a few attempts on him, with a PAK hitman body. so anyway I was thinking the scale was a bit off, and I need to basically make two face bigger. the question was whether it was worth buying this figure so I can customize it.
    so if it's not too much trouble for you, can you snap a pic of leon here standing next to your PAK dark knight joker (and batman if possible)? in return i'll give you some pics of twoface in action. please? thanks :)

    1. Thanks man, based on your name i take it you're Pinoy as well so i have a better proposal, join our group man , you'll get every information you need over there. Thanks.

    2. yep, kumusta? I'll take you up on that offer then.

    3. Accepted man, welcome to PAKPTG