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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Play Arts Kai Robocop 1.0 Review

OK, back to basics, i didn't expect that i'll be reviewing another Play Arts Kai figure but here he is courtesy of Sean of Big Boys Toy Store. To be quite honest about it i kinda miss doing these reviews. A big, big thanks also to the loyal supporters of the blog who's been pestering me to do another PAK review. This Play Arts Kai Robocop 1.0 is for all of you.
Unfortunately, i haven't seen the new movie so i'm not going to do a background storytelling right now. I do love the classic movie though...errr...until he removed his visor, i got turned off with the bald guy underneath. LOL. On with the figure comrades...

The first thing that struck me when i unleashed the figure was how sleek he is compared to the Robocop we're all familiar with. He looks like the futuristic, space-armor donning characters from certain FPS games, ehem, HALO anyone? He actually looks different but somewhat retained his classic charm, though i'm all for the black armor version if you ask me. I guess that's the version 3.0 if you wish to hunt him down.

It was totally fine with me that they did away with the blocky Robocop design who couldn't even turn without pausing and seems to be suffering from severe stiff neck. His armor design looks a lot more impressive and detailed, not like something a bored kid would draw during his Science class. His arsenal is a lot more impressive this time also, check out the 4 different guns he's packing. Perfect for a cyborg dealing out "Whoop-ass Class" justice out in the streets. He looks pretty pissed as well...who wouldn't? after blowing up my hand! you sons of bitc***!

I love what SQEX did to showcase his leg holsters, i'm not sure if this is a Play Arts Kai first though i'm pretty sure the old Vanquish figs have a similar feature. The only thing i hate about the feature is that you have to manually insert each piece to his legs. Some of the holes aren't even well...uhhhh...drilled so some parts fall off when you insert the guns. It's still an interesting addition thinking of the future PAK releases that may employ a similar feature. And oh, it reminds me of that old cartoon series Centurions...wait, what? What is that? Google it up...your childhood officially sucks if you haven't heard of Centurions. LOL.

Like i mentioned i do love the guns he's packing, they are quite small compared to the guns of the 10 inchers but they are very well detailed and sturdy. I believe these are compatible with the other small PAKs like RE6, etc. I lost my Nathan Drake figure a while back so i was not able to try it out but i think their weapons are in  (close-enough) scale...

Articulation is pretty decent for a small PAK and balance is good enough. Just be careful with the small detachable details on his armor when posing him, most especially the 2 black detachable thingies behind his knee. Paint job is good overall though there are a few factory issues that came free with the figure especially in his visor and chest plate.
His scale is a bit messed up, he's basically in between the mid-scale PAKs and the smallest PAKs, please see pic above for reference...of course i don't need to tell you that. 
If you are a fan of the character, movie or franchise then Robocop 1.0 is a pretty good acquisition. If you can get past the scale, you get a well designed Play Arts Kai with decent accessories and mid-range level of playability...speaking of playability, please see the 2 pics're welcome... 

Goddamn, i miss reviewing PAKs...


  1. OH MY GOD. YOU HAVE THE HOT TOYS LEON. How much did you pay?

    1. lol, yeah man, was lucky enough to find him recently for a steal price. around 1/3 to 1/4 of the current going price locally and abroad actually. around 230$ i think, a friend got him in Japan for me. Complete, minor issues on his leather jacket though. But the seller didn't notice a few extra accessories/weapons stashed inside his bag which i got for free.

  2. Hey man I was wondering if you were going to be getting and reviewing the MGS ground zeroes big boss?

  3. Hope we'll get a Ground Zeroes Snake review.