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Friday, April 22, 2016

Play Arts Kai Black Widow Review - Marvel Variants

Wow, i just saw this pending review when i opened my Blogger. Been away for too long it seems. Anyway, Miss Romanoff/Romanov here is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity after being portrayed by that beautiful, beautiful demi-goddess Scarlet Johansson in the ultra-popular Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man series from the Marvel Cinematic universe. The Play Arts Kai figure though, being a variant, leans more towards the comic side - a bit anime-ish actually if you ask me - thanks to Hitoshi.
I am unsure of how far Play Arts Kai is taking their Marvel Variants line since there are no longer announcements regarding the rest of the Avengers such as Hulk, Vision, etc. I'm pretty damn sure though that Natasha here is one of the sexiest PAK figures around...

Black Widow's arsenal is MEH! Will you look at those? You do get some effects part for increased playability but come on SQEX, PAK prices are nearing PO prices for 1/6 scale figures already so please throw us a bone in the form of accessories, pretty please? 

Weak links aside, her sculpt and armor design is absolutely gorgeous. Worthy of the character herself or the actress who portrayed her in the live-action film. If you look close enough you can actually see a very subtle hint of Ms.Johansson - and NO! i'm not kidding or obsessing, go ahead, poke your eyes then squint. You'll get there...

Her body armor is very well-designed and it cuts true to her form. Pretty far from the rubber-suit from the movies indeed, well, a plus for PAK collectors. She's got those trademark bracelets, a couple of holsters and of course - not to sound sexist here - a pair of assets straight out of Charm School.

For me though the true highlight of the figure is her face sculpt. She's easily one of the prettiest Play Arts Kai female figure ever produced.  I think we need to redo that Sexiest PAK article before the year is over, i'm sure she'll rank there somewhere.

Like what i mentioned earlier, those effect parts increased her playability grade. It's fun to pose her around, a lot of action shots available though i'm not really a fan of that electrified button thingy, a couple of other pieces - another gun perhaps, a sniper rifle or something would have been more welcome in my opinion. 

Another highlight is her excellent balance, you really can't do too many action poses but those she can pull off actually looks good. She's got great form and proportion to go with her attractive face sculpt making her a very good addition in any display cabinet. Try posing her next to some other slim/agile female PAKs such as Tifa, that Nomura variant Catwoman and Kei and i'm sure you'll agree with me.
I've always dreamed a return to collecting Play Arts Kai figures though this time i'll be focusing exclusively on female figures - i actually know someone who's doing that and i'm sure Black Widow will certainly be in my display cab. Because of her lovely face sculpt and form i'm giving her 4 Fist Bites.

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