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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kaiyodo Revoltech - Pixar Figure Collection 005 Woody from Toy Story

Hey guys, i'm taking a break from Play Arts Kai. It's either i'm backtracking or grabbing some other figures since the next release schedule of a PAK figure i'm interested in is still some weeks or months away.
I just got this nice figure of Woody from GreattoysOnline, i believe it's under Kaiyodo Revoltech - Pixar Figure Collection which means it's got some nice articulation and details and definitely he did not disappoint.
The Toy Story franchise is an all time favorite of mine and i'm sure fellow toy collectors can relate to that. I'm happy to get the chance to review this incarnation of this lovable cowboy doll. Just a tidbit, my wife and I left the theater a bit teary-eyed after watching the very last installment of the series. Ahem...anyway, I believe this was released earlier this year, (1st quarter?) and though i'm not into collecting small figures i really like how Woody was represented.
 I am not really familiar with this line but i am thrilled to see Wall-E, Sully and Boo included. Sadly, Buzz is on the Sci-Fi line of Revoltech (together with a newer, more loaded and therefore more expensive version of Woody) so i have to live up with 1/2 of the duo only. Well, at least an LGM's included...
The accessories included are nothing to shout about though as seen on the pic above. I am happy with the figure anyway so accessories are no big deal. I love those little green guys in the film but i can't help but wish they included Bullseye instead, or at the very least a lasso.
The details are very accurate, down to the buttons of his clothes. The colors are also very faithful to his original design. His lanky but highly articulated limbs can be pulled apart easily though so i wouldn't recommend this figure for small kids. It took only a few seconds for my 1 1/2 year old daughter to turn Woody into firewood(y).
His removable hat is the only accessory you can actually play with and i'm wondering why they chose this alternate face to be included...i personally prefer the surprised/scared face Woody, Buzz and Jessie made during the last few scenes of Toy Story 2.
The eyes are movable by the way and you can make goofy faces instead. They are just a hassle to move since you need to use very small 'picks' to do so. I used a toothpick to move them.
Woody doesn't carry a gun but he's got an extra 'gun' hand as seen below while shooting the hell out of the...awww...poor little green guy.
The LGM's got basic articulation only though you can take off his head or stretch his neck really high. I wouldn't risk hurting him though. Shame on you Woody...
Apart from the overall design of Woody, which is very movie-accurate, the highlight of the figure are the articulation points. Being originally a doll, i think the numerous articulated joints really work for him, you can create various weird angles with him just like a good ole-fashioned doll.

 And as a nice touch, they even added Andy's name beneath his right boot. Talk about nostalgia...


  1. Found the Sci-Fi Revoltech Woody and Buzz last time I visited Greattoys. They look fantastic, I must say. Haven't tried any item from Revoltech yet, save for the Prof. Layton figure which I recently got. Now I'm thinking of getting the Woody and Buzz for my next visit.

    Great blog, btw!

    1. thanks a lot for the visit, your blog is really nice as well. I'm an avid reader myself but i couldn't integrate that interest here in my blog, yet. Haven't read anything substantial lately. I'll visit your blog from time to time bro.

  2. ..hi,thanks for this info on your blog..btw,how much is this from GTO?