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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Play Arts Kai Vergil - Devil May Cry 3 Review

After a few weeks of delay He's finally here, the elder of the Twins and the one who chose his demon heritage over humanity. Dante's brother and his fiercest adversary: Vergil. Play Arts Kai welcomes you brother.
Upon arrival you can't help but stare at the massive girth of the box, almost as big as 2 older Play Arts Kai boxes, SQEX seems to be leaning on the same direction as Hot Toys and Medicom indeed.
Damn! the packaging's good, just don't use it to justify the price increase...
Of course the flap opens and you get these...
"a Demon prince reclining comfortably inside? how interesting..."
To be brutally honest i'm not a fan of Devil May Cry 3, i started appreciating it when the 4th installment came but after seeing Vergil how the hell could i not like him? I mean, he's basically a colder, evil version of Dante sans the guns. A good antagonist is hard to come by especially one who, though ruthless and power-hungry, still maintains a warrior's sense of honor. Now i'm not gonna delve deeper into the canon though i'll mention that he's also Nelo Angelo ...look it up...
Nero: Hey Vergil can i borrow your Yama...
Vergil: Not now kid...
Vergil comes packed with a couple of iconic weapons from the game: Force Edge (the unawakened form of the Sparda) forged by Vergil and Dante's father himself; the Dark Knight Sparda and of course the fabled Yamato (with sheath) , a keepsake from Sparda and the counterpart of Dante's Rebellion. Yeah, you also get a couple of hands also who look suspiciously created for someone who uses guns, well, he did shot Arkham using Ebony right? And you also get that paper thingy with foreign language scribbles all-over.

The overall details are superb though the face got that dark shade typical of the newer Play Arts Kai releases . They also gave him the 'Dissidia' hinges so be careful when moving the upper arm. His blue coat is also studded with details and the tails got ball-jointed articulation. The ball joints are the main difference of the figures from the earlier Play Arts Kai Devil May Cry 4 figures. Most notable are the ball jointed leg connector with ratchets for holding poses. Vergil's balance is better than Nero but still behind DMC4's Dante. 
Sad to say though that, personally, i think Vergil is not as good as the DMC4 figures, and i'm a bit disappointed with that. The details are not as intricate or textured as the older figures and the paint apps are not that impressive. In fact, the paint applications are the biggest drawback of this figure especially the white details on his coat. The blue color of his coat makes it more evident just like in the case of SSF4 Chun Li. You will notice up close that there are wayward strokes and thinly painted areas. This is also true on the paint app on his gloves and Yamato handle. The weapons are also made from a thinner material than the DMC4 figures so there is a higher risk of bending.

Guess who forgot to dress up properly?
Scale is consistent with the older DMC figures and i'm pretty happy about it. Here's Vergil posing with his demonic brethren.

To sum it all up, even though the Play Arts Kai Vergil DMC3 figure seemed to be a notch lower than the DMC3 figures you should not pass him up for the reason alone that he's Vergil. I'm not sure though about the new Dante but we'll tackle that on my next review.

My sincerest apology, brother. I was so eager to see you, I couldn't concentrate on the preparations for the bash.
Why do you refuse to gain power? The power of our father, Sparda.
 I see a devil inside you has awakened as well...go on, BUY ME!!!


  1. Hey.. Id like to ask you something

    I've bought a figure different than the ones you seem to collect and it didnt have a "pierrot" sticker on it as it usually does, I thought it was a fake one and searched at the bottom of the box and then I've found a stick saying it was distribuited by 'Asia Goal Limited' so I checked the manufacturer website and they say that this distributor is official, is there still a chance that the figure is fake?

    sorry if this is not the best place to ask, or even if i shouldnt be asking this to you, but i cant find help anywhere, the manufacturer wont answer me :/ nor the seller

    1. No problem, glad to be of help to you. Anyway, Asia Goal Limited is an official distributor. Some of my Play ARts Kai from Greattoys Online also have those sticker and they are all 100% authentic. If you need me to check your figures further you can loeave your email here and i'll get in touch with you. You can send pics via email. thanks.

  2. yes sure! thanks for the response, my email is

    I was actually going to email you, but I couldn't find your email address, although my figure isnt play arts kai maybe you could help me out :)

    1. Sure, thanks, i'll get in touch with you shortly. Kinda busy here in the office right now.

  3. Based on your pics especially the 5th picture the only things I dont like on this figure are the shoulders and his belly.
    The shoulders are kinda low and it looks awkward.
    The belly looks detached from the lower part and the sides of the belly have blank spaces.

    1. The belly's not that noticeable in person but i agree with the shoulders especially when he's inside the box. He's got that slouching posture in box.

  4. Hope to get this one soon but that dark shade in the face is really such a pain. =(

  5. Do you have any pix of this Vergil headsculpt swapped onto Dissidia Gabranth? Been looking for the perfect headsculpt for a helmet-free Gabranth. I was thinking this Vergil head or the upcoming DC Variant Aquaman head would be perfect. Thoughts?