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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

TOP 5 Play Arts Kai Figures of 2012

With another year gone by and everyone's looking forward to the very interesting releases coming soon, which will be draining our funds for 2013 - Yes! that would be Play Arts Kai Raiden, TTT2 Kazuya and TDKR Batman for me - let's take a look back at the best figures released last 2012. Of course these are based on the humble opinion of Yours Truly and some invaluable insight from my Play Arts Kai brothers-in-arms @ PinoyToyKolektors. Feel free to give your opinion on the comments section. Enjoy. 

5. Play Arts Kai Vergil - Devil May Cry 3

REVIEW HERE. Play Arts Kai translation of noted and well-loved antagonists are somewhat rare and far in between so Vergil is definitely a must-have especially if you already have the currently HTF DMC4 tandem of his brother Dante (if you're not that impressed, as i am, with the DMC3 Dante) and newcomer Nero. It's also good to see he's packaged with his 2 most iconic weapons in the game. Now that something Play Arts Kai Kratos should have done. 

4. Play Arts Kai Batman - Arkham Asylum

REVIEW HERE. I've said it over and over again, the very first Play Arts Kai Batman is a very good figure and that's really big coming from an OC when it comes to scale like me. I hate his scale but i can't deny that he's a must-have figure and the recent release of his bit taller AC version only strengthened that statement. His colors are better, his details are better and his articulation is better, damn, even his face is better.

3. Play Arts Kai Cyborg Ninja - Metal Gear Solid

REVIEW HERE.  Surprisingly, Solid Snake, the b@d-@$$ poster boy of the Metal Gear Solid Series did not make the list but his one-time ally and nemesis Frank Jaeger made up for that. Grey Fox is a near perfect translation of his video game version. I said near because he's missing a couple of closed fists - trademark of his hand-to-hand combat fixation - and because SQEX pulled a d!#k move on us collectors by including his trademark open-masked head on an exclusive - which my weak will succumbed to just to get that d@#n alternate head!

2. Play Arts Kai Catwoman - Arkham City
PHOTO COURTESY of MICKEYRDJ of PTK. Click his name for his Flickr Account.
NO REVIEW...yet, still on the fence because of her scale. Touya of FFM dubbed her the new Queen of PA Kais and i definitely agree that she's the new benchmark for female figures of Play Arts Kai. I'm just not into the smaller scale PAKs so she's not a priority but IF i ever get the chance i will absolutely give her a shot. Queen of Kais? So there is a new KING of Kais? Which leads us to...

1. Play Arts Kai Solidus - Metal Gear Solid - Sons of Liberty

REVIEW HERE. Simply put, Solidus is AWESOME! The overall sculpt & design, the paint job, accessories, weapons, packaging, everything is near perfect. The only drawback is that he's worth the price of 2 Play Arts Kai figures...almost. But what the heck! He is worth every godd@#n penny! Aaannnddd...the playability factor isn't that high since, you know, he's very heavy for a Kai and therefore, very difficult to pose though his balance is excellent for a large figure. The Metal Gear Solid series really rocked the Play Arts Kai world last 2012 it seems.

Play Arts Kai Cammy - Super Street Fighter 4, Play Arts Kai Garrus - Mass Effect 3

So there you have it, my take on the best Play Arts Kai figures for 2012. Looking forward to reviewing the upcoming figures... and renewing (Calling Mr.Malvin Lim of Greattoys Online - THE BEST source of Play Arts Kai figures locally) my sponsorship contract on March 2013. 

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  1. I have yet to get Arkham Asylum Batman. I think it's the best among the three releases (AC and AA Armored version). Not really impressed with AC, although its scale is quite good. :)