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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Play Arts Kai Dante - Devil May Cry 4 Review

Hello everyone, for my third review i'll be going over this awesome Devil May Cry 4 Dante figure by Play Arts Kai. This review is actually a request from a fellow PA Kai collector who i successfully BI'ed to get an Ezio figure.

Dante is the famous protagonist of the Devil May Cry series of video games though for the 4th installment of the series he was replaced by the new character, Nero, for a large part of the game at least. He was thought to be Nero's enemy at first but eventually teams-up with him as the storyline goes along.

So far he's the best packaged Play Arts Kai figure in my collection. The colors and representation of the box is very appropriate including the “church arches” design on the side of the box (not pictured). The back panel further showcases the awesomeness of this figure.
Right below is the figure out of the box and, like other Play Arts Kai figures, you just can't help but marvel at the accuracy of the figure's design. Gone are the days of Dante sporting a black “man-bra” underneath his
trademark trench-coat. Never did like that design anyway so i'm glad they came up with a new but still b@d@$$ attire for him.

He's got quite a few gears included with him. Of course Dante got his famous twin-pistols, Ebony and Ivory, a couple of extra closed-fist hands, his sword “Rebellion,” his standard weapon in the game and was given to him by his demon-father “Sparda” and a couple of pegs. One for holding his sword and the other to cover the hole at the back of his coat when his sword is in use.
The details of his weapons are excellent over all,”Ebony and Ivory” and “Rebellion” are pretty game-accurate indeed. If you look close enough you'll see the name “Ebony and Ivory” written in gold font on  both guns. Small surprises like that are really nice to find. Props to Play Arts for paying attention to even minute details.

Dante also boasts 24 points of articulation, enabling him to execute a myriad of poses. Words aren't enough to describe these so check out some of them instead...

Dante is also fully-compatible with weapons from other PA Kai figure: Seen here borrowing Chris Redfield's shotgun.

Detail-wise, Dante is just near perfect, especially if you are keeping track of the game. Just check out the texture of his coat, his jeans, his cowboy boots, his bronze buttons and silver-belt. The simplicity of the design makes you appreciate them even more. Just a tidbit, his coat's tail-end is also articulated so you can pose it flapping in the breeze as you capture Dante's pose in mid-action.

Dante also retained his proverbial good looks, though this time around he's sporting a thin goatee and moustache.

As for the cons, his hands got the palm pegs similar to Chris Redfield for holding his weapons. Their weapons
also got holes in their holsters and handles for the peg to attach to preventing Dante from handling weapons without peg holes. The pegs and holes are annoying sometimes especially when you have to remove the hands so you can attach the weapons to it. Also, i wish they included some kind of stand for him so he can do Matrix-like poses. Aside from those small drawbacks Dante is just perfect IMHO. He's got great form and balance, accurate design, kick-@$$ weapons and good looks. 

Should you get him? ABSOLUTELY! Trust me, you won't regret it.

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