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Friday, July 19, 2013

Play Arts Kai The Joker - The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy Review

I got my Play Arts Kai The Joker figure i bit late than usual, considering this is one of the most anticipated and, as proven later, most sought after among the latest Play Arts Kai releases. Late review but nonetheless justified and timely since Greattoys Online (where i got mine) will be restocking both he and Play Arts Kai Anne Cat-haway later this month. A gleam of hope for those who are still missing the two from their collections and having to deal with the hype and grossly overpriced items being peddled by re-sellers and hoarders. Greattoys Online pegged them at somewhere between 2.5K-2.7K Php so make your reservations now.
Originally, i intended to bash the hype claiming that this Joker is on par with the Hot Toys version which is an absurd, over-your-head claim. He's NOT, by the way, so quit the comparison. They each deserve their own recognition and respect and the Play Arts Kai The Joker stand out in his own way.

If you are looking for that rocket launcher he used in the movie you'll be disappointed but the 2 alternate heads made up for it especially the dirty version with the paint smudges. That one makes him more menacing and downright creepy. Having photographed this figure in the wee hours after midnight, alone in a silent room, i should know. I still wish they included that rocket launcher though...

His details is simply superb, the best in the TDKR line so far and his likeness with the late-great Heath Ledger is uncanny. I personally believe that's one of this Joker's charms; he's a replica of an award-winning character played by an award-winning deceased actor. I'm not a fan of Heath but i am a big fan of his portrayal. For a change, he did away with the clowning around and stupid themed accessories (like that wind-up chattery teeth) and played a b@d@$$ Joker that deserves to be feared.

The "Clown Prince of Crime" underwent a major overhaul in this version and the evil transmogrification is well represented in the Play Arts Kai figure. Just try not to look too long in his eyes when playing with him. Trust me...

The colors stand out pretty well on a line mostly associated with "Goth" hence the heavy use of black by Bale-man and Cat-haway figures. The small details on his attire are pretty good, most notably, the chain dangling on his trousers and the inner linings of his coat. I understand though that SQEX got away pretty easy with the wayward strokes and lousy paint-job since the figure isn't supposed to come out clean in the first place.

If there is "1 Thing I Hate About Him" though...oh, ok fine, fine, 2 things...1) His balance sucks and i'm thankful for the stand and 2) the clown-mask head's fit is a bit too tight. I heard there are other cases like that and i guess i can consider myself lucky that the alt- and main heads aren't naturally loose. He's also one of the figures in my collection that i designated as a strictly for display piece, i'm not really excited with his playability. On a brighter note, his arm hinges are kinda similar to the ones employed on the older Kais (Sneaking Suit Snake), which are sturdier than the Dissidia hinges and therefore not that easy to (brokeback...)errr...break.
If you are a fan of Batman in general, a PAK TDKR completist or simply a PAK collector, trust me, there's no way you want to miss getting him. And if you are reading this late before going to bed, the last pic's for you...
Goodnight sweet (clown-) Prince...


  1. Freaking awesome review haha!! I already emailed you before that i got this badass figure like a week ago. I also got baleman and they look amazing. I just need cat and bane. I do love the PAK of heath joker and it definitely desserves respect, it looks amazing and its definitely the coolest of the four. I do have the enterbay joker and though it hurt the s#!t out of my pocket he looks amazing and worth every penny. I plan to display my PAK joker next to him soon. Itll look awesome!! Again, great review my friend, and yeah its midnight over here and i love the last photo haha!!!

  2. Nice - my Joker is on his way. Maybe you could kit him out with the battle dress Snake's Rocket Launcher?

  3. Very nice review!!! :D
    Greetings from Brazil!

  4. Hello, i just finished ordering yhr play arts catwoman from the trilogy and arkham city Harley. I was just wondering if there has been any bootlegs of arkham city harley yet?

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  6. Any bootleg Jokers out there? Is the master list updated? TIA