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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Revoltech Vic Viper Review

A very nice surprise greeted me at the office last Friday when i returned after an official business trip. Having seen the Revoltech Vic Viper online i must say i'm pretty excited to get my hands on one especially when i heard that he's going to have a semi-metallic finish, now that i gotta see on a smaller scale figure! You may notice the darker pics i'll be using for this review. That's actually a technique to somehow capture the metallic finish of Vic - something that i hope i achieve to some extent. To Kyle, Harvey and Gladwin of Arigatoys / Revoltech Philippines; you guys are Awesome! Oh, ctach Vic on the following "hangars" if you please:  Big Boy's Toy Store, Filbar's, Metro Toys, Play Giant, New Haven PH.
After a 2-year stint of collecting robots (Transformers) i've considered myself retired from the genre but having seen this guy up here, i can now safely say that i haven't fully outgrown robots, mechs, gears, or in this particular case an LEV or a "Laborious Extra-Orbital Vehicle."

Though not as heavily armed as the recently released Revoltech Snake, Vic Viper got everything he needs. In my opinion he's still pretty good even with the stand alone - it's really cool to have a hovering figure in your display, trust me.
 I must admit though that i got somehow confused on the transforming part since...errr...what's that? Transforming? oh, i didn't mention that? Vic Viper is the 2nd transforming Revoltech actually so if you're familiar with TFs then that's 2 figures for the price of one. As i was saying, instructions are in Japanese so i have to rely on the pics but hey! it's all worth it.

As always, details are superb for a smaller figure and the paint apps are evenly applied. Of course, you have to see the metallic sheen that Vic is sporting, that's one of the highlights of the figure. To be honest, i haven't played a single Zone of Enders game but based on concept arts pics online, i can say he's pretty faithful to the actual character design. Besides, Yoji Shinkawa of Metal Gear fame designed him so you can't go wrong with that.

 Vic Viper's small arsenal are somehow enough for nifty poses such as those seen above. Articulation is good enough and unlike the Revoltech Snake, Vic's got no problem pieces or those that suddenly pop or fall off so feel free to explore poses. +1 to Playability for that,
 If somehow you've exhausted all poses for Vic there is always the option to turn that LVE into this...

 ...and that's how you jack up the value and appeal of a figure. Transformation isn't as smooth as you'll expect but with a bit of patience you'll be rewarded with one of the coolest looking 5" spaceships (Gradius anyone!)
I honestly love the Revoltech Vic Viper figure, in fact, i've enjoyed playing with him more than the Revoltech Snake and that's really something...coming from a Metal Gear fan. You won't be disappointed with the figure.
Next Stop Revoltech Monster Hunter and Eva08...


  1. Im ashamed to say ive never played zone of enders... I hear nothing but good things from it and i think its also from hideo. I should try it out. I do love mechs and robots which is why gray fox looks priceless to me. As for this figure, it looks cool, maybe just not what id get since im always short on money and a job haha!! I need to focus on liquid and raiden. Which has forced me to ignore the dark knighr trilogy cat and bane which i want very much. Great review my friend, it actually looks awesome in its transformation.

  2. Vic Viper! Used to play Gradius on my NES and later on the SNES and PC Engine when i collected those sort of things and i had no ideal they ported Vic from those games to the Zone of Enders series pretty dang neat.