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Friday, July 05, 2013

Play Arts Kai - Philippines Trading Group Rises!

The Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group set up a display during last month's Toycon @ Megamall and it's a huge success. Props to my fellow administrators and members for the very impressive display. A TV appearance c/o Anjo @ ABS CBN hopefully gave birth to an instant celebrity. He and his brother Bernard secured the space for our group.I contributed 3 figures from my personal collection, by the way; White Raiden, Cyborg Ninja and Kratos. Play Arts Kai MGS series particularly look damn good behind that glass cab...even from a half a mile away. It's great to meet other members of the group. MORE PICS AFTER THE JUMP.

That's four layers of "impressive" for you
The White Jack is especially eye-catching to the ladies and casual MGS fans if i must say so...
When worlds collide: JC of dynamichero blog provided that Nathan Drake/Lara Croft/Hardy Daytona crossover.
Much of the display pieces were contributed by Ariel, our resident PAK completist.
Play Arts Kai The Joker and Catwoman of TDKR were fashionably late for the display courtesy of Anjo and Bernard
Next stop...COLLECTICON 2013 in my old prowling ground. This ought to be good.


  1. Hi bro! Its good to see a PAK collector in Manila, almost everyone i know from back home collects 1/6 scale figs instead. I have been checking out your blog for quite a while now. I actually collect PAK myself. I have most of the Metal Gear figs which I will keep collecting and have more that I am trying to get rid off by selling/trading. I was wondering if you know any1 that might be interested in buying them or trading them. I need more room for my more metal gear PAK and for my custom 1/6 scale figs. Let me know man and i can send you a list of what i have. I'm from Brisbane AU btw but Manila born and raised, I can get them shipped if needed. Thanks Jeri


    1. hey bro, glad to know you joined PAKPTG. kindly PM me the list there. thanks.

  2. This is awesome dude... I mostly cant get my eyes off that mgs collection!!!