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Monday, September 09, 2013

Revoltech Evangelion Type-08 Alpha Review

Ok, full disclosure, aside from knowing who Asuka Langley is i am not familiar with the new "Rebooted" Evangelion characters or storyline so, if you don't mind, I'd like to focus on the aesthetics of this new "cutesy" Evangelion figure from Revoltech. Honestly, I had to reinforce this review with research...well, this would have been a perfect opportunity to do that "drinking game/drunk review" i've been planning to do for a while but then you wouldn't understand anything i'm writing down...If ever. And oh, by the way, i do not know why i said "cutesy."
The Alpha-08 unit is piloted by Mari Makinami, the girl with glasses and pink body suit. I'd have to go see the series though to add additional info but i'm pretty sure she's quite eccentric, as suggested by her "Illustrious" nickname. The exact significance though is up for speculation. Ahem! On to the review...

After the onslaught of b@d@$$ releases from Revoltech i'd be honest that i find this particular release a sort of step backwards for the line... or perhaps Revo is just taking a break under the fallout of pure awesomeness. The first time i saw pics of the figure online the first thing i noticed was her BFG.

I think that's the most prominent feature of the figure and, goddamn, it's all over the box. You may also notice that Type-08 seems to be fully-packed with alternate hands. Don't ask me why, i don't really know. I do know that that pack of alt hands would make a nifty custom spear for Mistral (Verily, from MGRR). You also get a BAF part for the Red Evangelion figure (i need to look it up, i don't know what model is that): a gatling gun right hand part. Of course, you also get that huge Boosters/Wings that comes in two parts as well as the stand parts.

There seems to be no limit for the hand poses you can pull off with Type-08 and, of course, poseability is top notch, just another day at the beach for the Revoltech designers. The pink finish is gorgeous albeit a bit too feminine IMO, but hey, i'm sure you can live with that especially if you are an Evangelion fan. Do be careful though about the paint, the one on my figure's a bit sticky. I fear they'll chip if stored in a warm area.

I have to say, this is my favorite feature: The Hovering capability. That shield-like booster looks particularly good on Type-08 especially when you are doing hovering/aiming poses while mounted on the stand. I love the Revoltech stands by the way, very simple but effective. I must confess though that the hovering poses takes a bit of an effort to pull though for sure you'll be quite impressed with the end result.

If you are a Revoltech, or specifically an Evangelion fan you should check this figure out. As for casual Revoltech collectors, you can wait for the rest of the Revos to roll out soon.

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  1. Never watched evangelion before, im not the biggest anime fan. But as a figure it does look pretty eye catching. That freaking gun looks awesome. The revo stands are cool but i dont know why i feel my snake figure feels like itll fall after a while with aerial poses. Sorta imbalanced, but i dont know, still love it. Im planning on getting raiden as well :)