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Monday, October 24, 2011

Play Arts Kai Nero - Devil May Cry 4 Review

I think i've held back long enough for this review and, i think, the main purpose of this one is that i notice fellow collectors pass up this awesome figure. I don't really know why, to me he's almost as good as the Play Arts Kai Dante figure. I actually got requests to review this figure before but i only got time to do this one now, better late than never.

 Nero is the main protagonist of Devil May Cry 4, replacing Dante on the 4th installment of the game although SPOILER: they eventually teamed-up midway through the game. The Play Arts Kai Nero figure is just as well-detailed and well-armed as the Dante figure. You can see below the weapons and accessories that come packed with Nero: his sword Red Queen, love that motorcycle handle bar detail; his gun - Blue Rose, a closed fist alternate left hand and a couple of pegs for the sword...and of course, ho-hum, the instruction sheet. The gun and sword are highly detailed, you can even see the intertwining flower vines detail on Blue Rose.

Tough nails need tough nail-files
I mentioned earlier that Nero is ALMOST as good as the PA Kai Dante figure right? Technically, yes, he's got all the right details - his right hand - The Devil Bringer, an articulated coat-tail, the Order of the Sword insignia in his coat as well the 2 rings in his left hand - it's pretty game accurate indeed. However, his balance is not as good as Dante's and his long, thin legs doesn't really look that good especially on the knee area- the connector is just too noticeable which reminds me of the PA Kai FF13 Lightning figure. Articulation is just as good though so small drawbacks are forgivable.

He's also just as good-looking as Dante though in a K-Pop kind of way...

Because of that possessed Devil-bringer, Nero got an uncontrollable urge to slap you in the face...
Other issues have something to do with his playability and poseability, the Devil Bringer in his right hand is a nice detail but that means he can only wield a weapon with his left hand unlike Dante who can use both his hands giving him extra edge when doing cool poses. His balance is also problematic at times , i'm not sure if this is an isolated case but since he's got longer legs and thinner feet than Dante he's terribly difficult to stand at certain positions. Sometimes, Nero is also having difficulty carrying the heavy Red Queen sword with his left hand, you need the Devil Bringer to act as support - it's a bit frustrating especially when you're trying to pose him locked in battle with Dante.

He's going for a Home Run
Overall, Play Arts Kai Devil May Cry 4 Nero is a good, solid figure. If you already have Dante then perhaps you should also get Nero. I still see a lot him floating around and in my humble opinion, he's a lot more worth it than, say, a PA Kai Dissidia Squall or Cloud figure. I am lucky someone sold me a Dante and Nero set before so i was spared the SRP but if you have Dante already better grab yourself a Nero figure as well.

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  1. Damn, after I read this review, I jump to ebay and I bought one, lol, 95$... It hurts... but, it's cool!! :D

    - Hyde -