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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Play Imaginative 1/12 Scale Super Alloy Warmachine 2.0 Diecast

GUEST REVIEW. Hey, look who's back? Anton's got another high-end figure for review. He just returned from a vacation abroad, and he owes me 2 more reviews after this one. You guys missed him? I for one did not, that's for sure. LOL. 
 First things first, this Diecast Play Imaginative 1/12 Scale Warmachine figure was sponsored by Big Boys Toy Store. So yeah, check them out, they're pretty cool.

Well from the packaging alone the figure looks pretty impressive (and expensive, for that matter!). Since it was around 70% diecast by Anton's estimate, you can be sure that it's pretty heavy as well. 

Accessories are, well, sufficient enough for a small figure but i think it would have been better if they added some more considering the price. An interesting inclusion as you can see below is the display backdrop. Well, HT can really pick-up something from that. 

The light-up stand is also impressive, those LEDs look awesome and it also supports dynamic poses. If only flight poses are supported as well it would have been perfect.

Like i mentioned earlier, the figure is heavy for a 1/12 scale one since it's about 70% diecast. The paint apps are simply amazing for a small figure as well as the details/small fine prints on the armor. Be careful though since they are prone to being rubbed-off.

Surprisingly, the figure is very poseable and his hips and ankles can be pulled for extra range. However, there is a tendency for the joints to become loose over time, well, the hips actually came loose out of the box. Another drawback is that the head's articulation/movement is very limited. The LED lights are very bright, so you won't feel shortchanged even though, you know, this Rhodes' is on the short side. LOL. Ok, terrible joke, let's move along...
The Plasma Cannon is also very flimsy and difficult to pose for some reason and...
WHOAH! Ok, now you're showing-off Anton, here's where he scale among the other Warmachine figures...
He's about as tall as the 6 inch Marvel figures if you pop out his ankles and hips though he's a bit skinny compared to them.

If you collect 6 inch Marvel figures this Warmachine would be quite an impressive addition to your collection. The price though is a bit of a turn-off though justified by the packaging, heaviness and fine details of the figure.

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