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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Toycon 2014: Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group

I know this is a bit late already but what the heck! For the second straight year the Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group (PAKPTG) was given the opportunity to grace the annual Toycon with our display. And boy, oh boy, it's a lot better than last year in the most humble opinion of Yours Truly. It's no surprise really being the premier PAK collecting group this side of the globe - haters be hatin but you ain't gonna beat us in this game unless you employ low-blow tactics. bwahahahahahaha...ehem, ehem. It is with utmost pride that i present to you, PAKPTG's contribution to this year's Toycon:
In case you're wondering, yes, that is a white plastic bag reported by Anjo, Solid Snake is inside that bag...SERIOUSLY!!! You're pretty good Snake!
All photos were taken during the first day of the Con and though we've been planning for quite some time, only the Final Fantasy XIII display on the top tier (courtesy of JC Datinguinoo) remained faithful to the gameplan.

The rest are happy accidents and late, game-time improvisations. Like this one...
Yes, i used the one with Flash JC, since you've been bugging me about it. You're Welcome.
We had to choose between the Raiden Rangers or the jeep chase scene at the end of MGS due to space problems. Of course we'll have none of that bullshit, have Raiden Time Travel to confront Liquid and save Solid and Meryl instead. Kinda faithful to the convoluted plot of MGS, Hideo would be proud. And, oh yeah, 1/6 scale Jeep right there courtesy of Sir Manny Sudiacal.
This one's got a Flash also (2 if you're counting the one on display) because F#!K basic photography tips, that's why!
We were placed on a similar situation on the 3rd shelf, we wanted to showcase the TOP PAK figures as well as the DCV figures available so far so we ended up with this, a damn fine battle scene if you ask me. diorama, backgrounds or anything, just pure, unadulterated skill and posing know-how for PAKPTG this year, maybe next year comrades. 

p.s. we got a display on the lowest shelf but i can't find a pic right now. 

Thanks to all contributors and members present during the set-up: Anjo and Bernard Singson, JC Datinguinoo, Uzi Enriquez, Josh Chua, Manny Sudiacal, Ryan Ruedas, Jayson Christopher San Diego, Josh Fagaragan and Bugs Estipona.

Thanks also to those with us in mind and spirit, i'm gonna thank you that way as well _________________. LOL

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  1. sad that i wasnt able to attend the event could have meet some of our members and admins too :3