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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Play Arts Kai Deunan & Briareos Review - Appleseed Alpha

GUEST REVIEW: Hey comrades, i should be the one doing this but i couldn't get a sponsor, so let's give it up for Josh Chua, a fellow member from Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group. This is his first Guest Review so give him a break. *** Indicates my Comments btw. Let's roll!

Play Arts Kai Appleseed (Appurushido) Alpha is a Japanese CG-animated sci-fi film based on the legendary manga written and illustrated by Shirow Masamune in 1985. The story follows the adventure of two ESWAT members Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires in Olympus. The series merges the elements of cyberpunk and mecha genres with a heavy dosage of politics, philosophy, and sociology (Source: Wiki). Now without further ado, here’s my take on the figures. I’m not a hardcore fan of the series, but more of a “casual fan” if there is even such a thing, but when the prototype and the colored version of these two was released I had this “auto PO” moment which I did and PAK delivered. Just look at them! 

The box design has the flap cover that covers the window where you can see the figures inside the box and the artwork on them looks nice.

I appreciate the details used to capture the likeness of the characters for the two figures. The details are spot on like they popped right out of the movie. The work on the paint apps is solid! No bleeding colors, or “missed” spots as what I have experienced with other PAK figures. Like for example Deunan’s face no longer sports that zombie look and for Briarios, well I think it is hard to mess up his face as he is a figgin cyborg! You will also notice weathered effect on both figures and their accessories have very fine print for their markings. The built of these figures also feels sturdier than older PAK figures and IMO I like the direction they are heading with the joints (i.e. no longer have the pesky movable elbow pads which is a cause of heartbreak for PAK figure owners every time they break). The wrist pegs also changed from a ball to a cylindrical shaped peg which lowers the risk of you breaking it whenever you change their hands. 
*** GAH!
I also like the foot articulation of these two figures as they have the up and down motion compared to the side to side swivel. 

They also came with a decent amount of accessories which allows you to recreate a wide range of action pose.


They nailed the soft feminine curves, and the look of a great soldier. Some of the parts are made of flexible materials on the pants and holsters that allow a wide possible range of motion without hindrance. Her utility belt, boots, gun to her knife parts have been meticulously recreated with the utmost detail. She comes with a total of 6 hands, a pair of fist hands, a pair of open hands, 1 gun holding right hand, and 1 left knife holding hand. She packs a knife, a handgun, and an assault rifle. 
*** Personally, i give Deunan...*drum roll*  - 3 out of 5 Fist Bites mainly because of the guy below...

(While)… Briareos Hecatonchires 
*** Yep, THIS guy...

...and his large, strong looking cybernetic frame mixed with organic muscular lines has been captured to the highest level of accuracy, which is how we can see him in the film. His vest is made out of a flexible material and can be removed for more posing options. 

Briareos like Deunan comes with 6 alt hands. 1 gun-holding right hand, support left hand for his rifle, a pair of fist hands, and a HUGE! Pair of open hands, So try not to stare at Deunan’s melons if you do not want to slow the back of his hand down using your face. ***I'm staring anyway Josh, f#!k Mr.Cybernetic Playboy Bunny, LOL.

He packs a side arm (yey!) and his rifle for his weapons. They also paid attention to details and paint apps on his rifle. And his antennae are also articulated. The only gripe I have on this figure is that his right leg gun holster seems waaaay to big for the handgun. 

Other than that I have no further complaints about these two. Sold at 3295 Php each, PAK seems to be having an upward trend with their price but I highly recommend you to get these two and you will not be disappointed with them added to your personal collection. So if you are a true fan of the series or just love a good, well-made figure, you would definitely wants to have these two. 

Damn Snake, photo bomber! Thank you for reading as this is my first time to write a toy review and thanks to Jeri for allowing me to contribute to his awesome blog. Till next time. 

Solid Snake approves!

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