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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Play Arts Kai - TOP 10 PAKs of 2014

I've let go of the Play Arts Kai line in general to shift to a different scale but i must admit i'll always be a goddamn PAKer at heart. It isn't that difficult to enjoy or appreciate the Play Arts Kai line, even if in my case, from afar.
Cover Pic designed by JC of Sephtimus 
This "Unofficial" TOP 10 of 2014 article reflects the result of a survey i conducted in our local group "Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group" so some figs that are HOT elsewhere may not exactly be HOT here in the local scene. Ahem, without further ado, I present to you the TOP 10 Play Arts Kai figures of 2014.

10. Play Arts Kai Aquaman - DC Variants
Not a fan of this line, well, 'cept for the girls maybe,  but i will not deny that this is one of the best lines ever produced by Play Arts Kai. Aquaman may be one of the DC heroes that are always the butt of jokes but this incarnation is simply awesome. I guess we can start taking him seriously now...
Photo: Anton "Laking Aircon" Aldon

9. Play Arts Kai Yuna - Final Fantasy X
I dare you to tell me that the old PA Yuna is better than this one...come on, i dare you! The HD Remix opened the window for PAK to create an incarnation of this classic PS2 Heroine from Final Fantasy X. She's absolutely gorgeous though her skirt still hinder certain movements/poses and her scale's a bit off at least beside the newly released AC Tifa.
Photo: Ryan Ruedas of Southbound Gundams

8. Play Arts Kai Red XIII - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
I'm more a fan of the Game Version Final Fantasy 7 but Nanaki here is one of the solid releases thus far from the FF7: Advent Children Play Arts Kai line. Even though Caith Sith is sadly absent from this package ala old PA, i think Nanaki is the first PAK figure with movable eyes (ala Hot Toys PERS) so he's really something. Not sure though why collectors aren't prioritizing him. I suggest you grab him before Barret.
Photo: Ryan "I left my PO Slip" Ruedas

7.  Play Arts Kai Supergirl - DC Variants
The first time i laid my eyes on her I just knew she will make this list, i just knew it... she's my favorite DCV PAK largely on account of her pretty face. Supergirl is also packing another Play Arts Kai first, well, among the first ones to be exact: Cloth Cape. I think we can expect that feature to be used more frequently on future PAK releases.
Photo: Anton "Robertcop" Aldon

6. Play Arts Kai Hawkman - DC Variants
Why am i not surprised? The 3rd and last DCV entry in this list and the most pricey DCV figure released so far. Hawkman is bulky, his wingspan is impressive and, admittedly, he's the coolest guy figure in the DCV line for me. DCV really brought their A-game in 2014 with a truckload of awesome releases...well, that artwork on the side of the DCV boxes is finally nearing completion...  

Photo: Anton "Khaki and V-neck combo" Aldon

5. Play Arts Kai Edward Kenway - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Midway through our list is another figure i predicted will make the Top 5 for 2014 when i REVIEWED him back in September. His details are generally inferior to that of the now HTF old PAK Ezio but his poseability (thanks largely to his ball-joints) and accessories are excellent and they actually top Ezio's. Likeness, paint apps, details are all good especially if you stand him side by side with the ill-fated Connor.

4. Play Arts Kai Dragoon (Limited) - Final Fantasy Variants
This guy here should be Kain Highwind, every FF fan would probably say Kain Highwind mentally, in fact, this guy is Kain Highwind. I refer to him as Kain in secret. He shouldn't even be on the Variants line in my opinion, he should be in the Final Fantasy All-Stars or something line-up featuring all the heroes, heroines and villains from all old FF games. Unfortunately, SQEX didn't consult with me. This line arrived without much fanfare but is steadily gaining momentum slowly but surely among FF fans. Don't agree with me? See next figure...
Photo: Ryan "The Loverboy" Ruedas

3. Play Arts Kai Hero of Light - Final Fantasy Variants 
See? I told you that guy upstairs should be Kain coz this guy over here is the Warrior of Light, errrr...Hero of Light? I'm confused. i know there is a spin-off series of Final Fantasy subtitled as The 4 Heroes of Light but this guy certainly isn't Brandt but was obviously based on The Warrior of Light from Dissidia. SQEX what the hell? well, not a fanboy so i will not overthink it. If i get some info wrong, BITE ME! I don't care... just give us Kefka or a Variant bearing his likeness please?
Photo: Ryan "Mr.OC when it comes to PAKs" Ruedas

2. Play Arts Kai Deathstroke - Arkham Origins
This figure kinda grew and died on me but i won't deny he's one of the best of 2014. Slade here is becoming increasingly popular thanks to that excellent Arkham Origins game as well as the TV Series Arrow. A big plus would be his compatible scale with the DCVs though i think i'd just mention it that he's got pretty small hands for his size. I think he's got the potential to follow Deadpool's lead to become a fan favorite antihero soon enough. Anyway, why do i have 2 pics of him?
Photo: Miah "Laking Aircon #2" Layson
Photo: Manny "Old Snake" Sudiacal

1. Play Arts Kai Venom Snake - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 
Who else? Is there any doubt about this figure? Easily the best PAK for 2014 and among the best from the Metal Gear Solid line and that's a lot knowing how heavily packed with awesome figures the MGS line is. Scale wise he's pretty off with the older MGS PAKs but his bulk and details are all part of his charm. The Legendary Big Boss', an obvious SQEX favorite, best incarnation to date. Not exactly a threat to the "King of Kais" throne, currently held by MGRR Raiden, but definitely among the TOP 5 MGS PAKs ever at least. I'm betting that only the upcoming "Solid Snake Suit" Big Boss can top this guy over here so for now he's sitting atop the Play Arts Kai mountain. 
Photo: Ry "The Purple Guy" De Vera
Got a favorite who didn't make the TOP 10? Let us know. Join us: 

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