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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SHFiguarts Gokou (Regular) - Dragonball Z Showcase

I don't think i need to introduce this World-famous Saiyan any longer. One of the greatest anime hero ever created from one of the greatest anime ever produced. I've seen other versions of Gokou in this particular line but this one takes the cake since this is the "Regular" edition or the basic and most well-known form of this Japanese Superman. Anyway, this would be the last SHFiguarts review i will be doing for
Props to a good friend Carlo Rogelio Silverio for these awesome shots. I wouldn't be able to top your shots man. 
I understand that this version is a web exclusive and knowing how meteorical the prices for these figures rise i expect him to hit absurd prices in the future. Unless of course they will not stop reissuing him, a very good thing for would-be collectors. 

Gokou comes in the basic window box of Figuarts though mine's also got that brown shipper's box. I'm never known for keeping figs MISB so off you go packaging... Oh, he's come fully packed with alt hands, alt faces and Kamehameha wave effects so this ought to be good.

The face, in true SHF fashion, is very well rendered and painted. Gokou is very anime accurate and it's quite fun to get the goofy faces as well. Carlo pointed out also that the colors are anime accurate in contrast with the Manga colors of the SSJ version, please check pic below.

Of course the figure is highly-poseable as well, another trademark of SHF which is very good. I rarely play with the bigger figs in my collection - 1/6 Hot Toys and 1/8 Play Arts Kai; but SHF are very good things to fiddle with from time to time without any fear of breakage.

We can see no true Cons for this figure but if there are any it would probably be the Kamehameha accessory. It's too small and looks "meh". It would've been better if they included the Kamehameha effect part that comes with the SHF Perfect Cell figure.
If i were to own but one SHF figure the regular Gokou is the obvious choice. I would pick the Classic/Normal colors over the SSJ version any given day. I think there's still some being offered by Greattoys Online so you still have a good chance of getting a figure version of one of the most iconic characters in anime history...not to mention, a piece of nostalgia...

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