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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictures on the wall...

Just some random sketches on the walls of my old room, i never had the chance to finish them though. These are some of the most memorable characters , scenes and places for me. Sorry for the low-quality pics, i took these using my old cel's cam.I used a standard pencil on wall plaster, hehe.

 Rough sketch of Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings

Rough sketch of Liquid Snake and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid

Rough sketch of the cover of The Lays of Beleriand by J.R.R. Tolkien/ King Fingolfin v.s. Morgoth

Rough sketches of Fei from Xenogears, Ashley Riot from Vagrant Story and Kid from Chrono Cross. A Squaresoft RPG fan here.

Rough sketches of Jin Kazama from Tekken (lower center), a Minku from Brave Fencer Musashi (center), Mog the Moogle from Final Fantasy VI (right center), Strider - sleeping from The Lord of the Rings (bottom right), Vivi from Final Fantasy IX (left center) and (nearly invisible) Knight and Baby from Guardian's Crusade (dead center).

Rough sketches of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (bottom right) and Luna from Lunar: Silver Star Story (right center)

Rough sketch of Final Fantasy VIII symbol (Rinoa and Squall) on the right are the 5 Elements from Magic: The Gathering. Detail: Lyrics of "So Long Astoria" by The Ataris written above.

Rough sketches of Cloud and Meteor from Final Fantasy VII (hidden in the shadows on the lower left corner) and the Chinese characters for the Three Kingdoms: Wei, Wu, Shu (upper left)

Rough sketch of Garrison from Battlechasers though i gave him a samurai instead of his great sword.

Not pictured: Battle at the Bridge of Khazad-dum between Gandalf and the Balrog of Moria.


  1. Im suprised noones commented here yet, art is a skill thats underlooked by most but i am passionate about it and i can say this is skillful no matter how rough the drafts are. We should share art some time, get opinions, thoughts and maybe ideas or tips for improvement. This is great stuff, i cant sketch solid snake and liquid that well. Im more of an anime-ish artist and sometimes more on the realistic side like alot of what i see here. And then abstract stuff that commonly gets contraversal reactions haha, im very open minded. Anyways i digress, great artwork dude, from another fellow artist and supporter of your blog.

    1. thanks a lot buddy, i kinda forgot about this post already.

    2. Youre welcome, and yeah it did look lonely, almost like a lost post. But it shouldnt of been, its good artwork. I missed final fantasy 8 so bad after i came across that squall and rinoa sketch. Great games from the past, i wish final fantasy went back to the classic play, though alot would disagree because the new fighting mech is good, i guess i just miss the old style i was uses to up untillvfinal fantasy x-2.