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Monday, August 15, 2011

Play Arts Kai Jungle Camo Snake - Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker Review

The figure i'm going to review today is actually my very first Play Arts Kai figure and a very memorable character to me. I became a HUGE fan of the Metal Gear series when Metal Gear Solid first came out on the PS1 although i haven't really played the other games from the series (as for familiarization, i got as far as Snake-Eater and currently "watching" Peacewalker and Guns of the Patriots though i did skip Sons of Liberty)

To all those familiar with the series, you all know that this dude is actually the father of the equally well known series protagonist Solid Snake (and all the other clones of Big Boss - Liquid Snake, Solidus)

Yes, that is Big Boss during his prime in his jungle camouflage attire, the founder of  the mercenary group "Militaires Sans Frontieres" (Soldiers without Borders) and the sire of b@d@$$es!

Packaging is relatively the same as the other Play Arts Kai figure though the box size and art varies depending on the video game series they came from.
He looks mean inside the box what more if he's loose? Personally, i find the box color pretty attractive albeit old school - it is perfect for catching your attention a couple of aisles away.

Here are his weapons and accessories by the way, the one thing that i find rather lacking in this figure: an alternate hand, a small (and inadequate IMHO) handgun, a standard issue M16 rifle and a knife (that acts as a taser for stealth missions IIRC). You also get a couple of pieces of paper posing as instruction booklets...or your tutorial on foreign language translations.

M16? well, this is a flashback right? the M16 must have been pretty b@d@$$ back then...or maybe this is all what Snake needs, hell, he's still scary even when brandishing only a butter knife...
The handgun can be stored on the holster located in his right leg while the knife goes into the sheath located on his right chest when not in use. He also got the MSF patch on his left shoulder (not pictured but here's how it looks like...
Details are rampant and articulation is better than other Play arts figures. You just got to love that headsculpt, i fancy he's sporting a mullet beneath his bandanna.
You get Snake's lunch...i mean...gear bag and water canteen, conveniently located on his belt's backside as well as ammunition pockets on the front (i counted 2 or 3 of those).

I'm just wondering though why his fatigue pants aren't folded over his combat boots? Now that isn't snappy isn't it? But who's to judge?

The color scheme is also one of the reasons i got this figure ahead of the other Big Boss PA Kai releases. The Stealth suit is a bit too futuristic for me while the upcoming Battle gear looks a bit bulky. The jungle fatigue evokes a picture of campaigns and warfare of a bygone era (Platoon anyone?), perfect for a character in the series backstory.
He's also flexible with his poses (now i'm tempted to fool around with it but out of respect i'll stick with the standard poses). By the way, Chris Redfield of Resident Evil 5 makes his cameo appearance.

Anyway, scale-wise he's tall, a bit smaller in height than Ezio but almost as big as ROTF LC Buster OP. Now, now, should you get this figure? Hell yeah! he's Big Boss, one of the most iconic characters in the Metal gear series. Without him there would be no Solid Snake right? It's nice to see such a b@d@$$ character in figure form but it's even nicer to get one so you can pose him in your cab. Yep! even just one fig will do for me  - the Jungle Camo version is perhaps the most iconic Big Boss look you can get.

Overall, Big Boss is a really good solid figure and you will not run out of ideas on how to pose him, i heard he's even compatible with 1:6 weapons. If you are a video game fan you must have played at least one Metal Gear game so it's hard to pass up a figure of one of the main protagonist/antagonist of the series. For a 10 incher, he's worth his 2.7K price tag courtesy of Great Toys Online especially if you can get your hands on other weapons that will fit him. I'm confident you'll enjoy Big Boss as well.


  1. Hey man its been a while. But i wanted to ask you sonething. I found the PAK jungle snake on konamis official store in stock. Should i trust that? Its the official company of the game but i feel funny about ordering it there.

  2. Hey man, just got my peacewalker jungle fatigues big boss!! And man hes fricking awesome!! A long sold out figure fir 45.99, though there arent any bootlegs of him i still inpected it and it has the serial number and everything, this guys flawless!!! Glad i finally got him. Hopefully ill get sneaking suit next :)

  3. Is it simply QC issues even if the bubble tray came a little cracked or ripped? Also around his neck i found a little cotton peice that i easily removed. I mean, he looks completely authentic, its just generally the package that was probably damaged during shipping that gets to me. Are that kinda stuff included in QC issues.