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Monday, August 15, 2011

Play Arts Kai Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassin's Creed 2 Review

Most of the guys around here ( and know me as a TF guy but due to unforeseen developments i decided to shift lines and focus on...well...i wouldn't say focus because i'll be getting figures from whatever lines i find attractive from NOW on.
Well, a true blue "Collecteur sans frontieres" i shall be.
I discovered Play Arts and their highly-detailed, highly accurate figures that would pass for statues at first glance but unlike the DC Direct figures (which are, by the way, highly detailed as well) , the PA guys actually threw in a perfect balance of detail and articulation on their products. I myself would like a shot.

During my shift, one of the first figures that caught my eye is this mysterious guy over here. 

The packaging's simple and eyecatching enough though not one i would want to display him in. I have to get him loose.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is, aside from having a really cool sounding name - heck! they don't give out names like they used to, eh?, the protagonist of Assassin's Creed 2 game. Here's an interesting note: I have never really played the game, just an occasional foray while hanging out with my bro but when i saw this figure while i'm getting my Jungle Camo Snake i said to myself "i'm going to come back for you"

Here he is showing his dual retractable knives, parts of his accessories which, in all fairness, are pretty ample. A couple of extra hands, the knives i'm telling you about, the Sword of Altaire, an oversized pizza cutter...errr...blade and a strap which covers his right arm area when the knife is not in use.

I mentioned articulation, well, he's got over 26 points of articulation  which makes him a lot more interesting. Surprisingly also, the hood and cloak do not hinder any of his body or head movements which is cool knowing that some figures experience problem with their clothing (yes i'm looking at you Ares armored Kratos!).
The details are the highlight of this figure.You cannot help but appreciate the intricacy of Ezio's costume. from the cloak, the hauberk with the gilded piece, the breast piece and overlapping layers of clothe...errr...PVC i guess, as well as the silver details on the arm bands and boots.WOW! he even got Lace frills! I wish you can
fiddle with the knives in his armor but they are just there for show.

 The only problem i have is that unlike the other Play arts figures, Ezio's feet articulation is limited to forward and backwards (toe-in or heel-out) which hinders other poses you can imagine especially those that requires angling of the foot. A little oversight but not really a big deal. His legs also get loose overtime - a little nail polish may remedy that though. I also wish that they included a stand so you can pose him without hassle since he's got the tendency to topple over if the feet are not correctly posed since he's a heavy figure.
The price is OUCH also though for me it's pretty fair for a (TF) Leader Class sized figure = around 2.7K at Great Toys Online
Should you get it? If you are a Play arts collector or a die-hard fan of Assassin's Creed then there is no reason you should pass him up but if you are working on a budget and would just like to get an Ezio figure then NECA is decent enough for your collection (you will probably get Altaire as well).

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