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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Play Arts Kai Chris Redfield - Resident Evil 5 Review

I am a big fan of the Resident Evil (Biohazard) franchise and the PA Kai Chris Redfield is one of my main targets when i shifted to this awesome line. To be quite frank i am a tad bit disappointed with his figure although i am awed by the accuracy of the details as well as the uncanny likeness with his video game counterpart.
Chris comes in a very attractive box, well, for PA Kai who seems very into the minimalist approach. This time the packaging just screams “look at me,” the dark elements certainly added up to the effect.
His arsenal is also pretty good. He's got his assault rifle, shotgun, handgun (that can be stored in a holster on his right leg), knife (or was it a machete?), the inevitable instruction sheet as well as a stand. Though for this figure the stand is not really a necessity but we'll come to that later on.

Here's Mr. Redfield with his trademark shotgun and directly below he's striking a pose with his assault rifle. Notice the details of the figure, i love the texture of his combat attire as well as the small details such as his communication equipment, ammo magazines, gear bag, holster and knife sheath. Each part is meticulously painted and i'm quite happy with the paint job on my figure.

Now here's a couple of issues i have with the figure. Please refer to the pictures below. 

As you can see, the connector of the upper arm and forearm looks a bit sloppy. They also have the tendency to seemingly detach from each other when you are trying to extend the arm too much. On the second picture you will notice that there is a space between his shoulders and body. This isn't really visible upfront unless, again, you are trying to extend his arm for certain poses.
This oversight is still forgivable though since the details and gears included certainly made up for it. I am glad that PA Kai was able to correct these issues on their later releases.
Mr.Redfield's got great balance also, the best in my small PA Kai collection so far. Makes me wonder why they included a stand with him when the other PA Kai figs need one a lot more. His versatility with poses is also good though a bit surprising since his legs/pants seem to be a hindrance.
He's also smaller and stockier in build than other PA Kai figs but he's in perfect scale with them...well...he's got a bigger head though. Is he a good buy? Well, yes, if you are a Resident Evil fan like me. He's way, way better than NECA's version and, aside from the issues i mentioned, he's a really nice figure.  I got mine at Great Toys Online for 2.6K. He's easily one of my best figures in terms of playability and pose-ability. I just can't help but wish he's released later on, he would have been a perfect character-to-figure translation.

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