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Monday, October 03, 2011

Play Arts Kai Collectors Guide v 1.0

This article may seem a bit ambitious since i have only started collecting Play Arts Kai, however, the justification is that who can better understand would-be or potential collectors but a newbie as well? Unlike my older lines (Transformers Classic, Transformers Movie, etc.) i never really started blindly with Play Arts Kai. The reason for this is that i know well enough which figures i would like to get, PA Kai being a relatively new line offering a rather small lineup at the moment, made mostly of characters that i am quite familiar with. As stated by one of my fellow PA Kai collector (orochicoops) from the Pinoy Toy Kolektors forum and i quote:  "I always recommend to go for your favorite character. Sometimes kahit may (even with) minor flaws, you'll let it slide na din (also) because of your love for that character Very Happy "

I too started with PA Kai with that mindset, as long as the character looks cool to me, dear to me, or from a very memorable game for me i would not hesitate to grab that figure and of course, minor flaws can be forgiven, am i right Ezio?

The purpose of this guide is to promote what our chosen line has to offer, provide insight on the figures (reviews aside) and/or inspire others to pick up the line. Choices vary from person to person but, ultimately, here are some of the figures worth checking out if you are considering starting out with the Play Arts Kai line. *** Please take note that this is purely based on the collective opinion of yours truly and my fellow collectors and in no way we consider this as experts' advice, at the end of the day choices will still depend on you, also, this list comes in no particular order.

The Essentials 

"Get me or...get me, your choice!"

Dante - Devil May Cry 4 - (REVIEW here) 

The reviews say so much about him and as far as we are concerned the "stubbles" are the only flaw in his design. He's got great weapons, great balance, great articulation and great looks. If you can find one at a reasonable price get him! Even non PA Kai collectors i know are after him. Nuff said.
* * *
"This is where it all began...
Big Boss (Jungle Camo) - MGS: Peacewalker - (REVIEW here)

The most iconic figure of Big Boss when it comes to the standard look of the character. The details are just awesome though the accessories, weapons and poseability can be better. It's either this Big Boss figure or the next one...
* * *
"Sigh! I wish i'm version Zero"
Big Boss (Sneaking Suit) - MGS: Peacewalker

Poseability is excellent and he also got the best face-sculpt among the Big Boss figures released so far, or so i heard, i just wish they provided him with better weapons and accessories. The most fun figure of Big Boss currently available.
* * *
Strife & Leonhart don't stand a chance

Gabranth - Dissidia Final Fantasy / Final Fantasy XII (REVIEW here)

Sure Cloud and Squall came with him during the Dissidia transition to PA Kai but Gabranth is simply the best among them. The details are just superb and even though you are not a Final Fantasy fan, Gabranth is still worth a space in your cab.
* * *
I am this good...but i forgot to shave...
Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassin's Creed 2 (REVIEW here)

 For his sheer size, details and weapons cache alone he's very much worth grabbing. Set aside the balance and articulation issues (and goatee) and you get a near perfect representation of the AC2 protagonist. I am not a fan of the video game series but Ezio is the 2nd Play Arts Kai figure i got.

* * *
The Niche
If only i was taller...
Adam Jensen - Deus Ex: Human Revolution (REVIEW here)

One of the underrated Play Arts Kai figure released so far. Adam's got very good playability, good weapons and accessories, poseability and design. If only he's taller and bulkier he'll give Big Boss a run for his money.

* * *
Editor: I can't insert a witty remark, i don't really know who you are kid, sorry
* * *
Edward Elric - Full Metal Alchemist

Another underrated PA Kai figure it seems. I myself do not have a single Full Metal Alchemist PA Kai though i heard it's pretty interesting as well. If you are a fan of the series then you got to have at least one and Edward is the best option.

I'm such a sucker for sword wielding characters
Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach

Another niche figure and must-have for Bleach fans. I'm not into the series but when i get the chance i will grab Ichigo for sure.
*  *  *

If i had tons of money to spare...wishful thinking...

It's difficult to pinpoint the figure to get in the HALO series since collectors who got some usually go for the whole set. Personally, I find that rather difficult to accomplish since i'm working on a budget. Given the chance i might grab Noble Six and Master Chief since they are the actual representation of the Player during the game. HALO fans will find these figs hard to resist.

* * *
Outside, Looking In
If Kennedy and Valentine make their appearance you would wish you grabbed us earlier.
Resident Evil 5 / Biohazard 5 (REVIEW here)

These figures are far from perfect but i am yet to find a gamer that is not familiar with the Resident Evil series. If you are a fan grab these 2 and, like me, hope for Resident Evil 3 & 4 to make their Play Arts Kai appearance.

I'll be adding more as time goes on and new Play Arts Kai figures become available.
Thanks to the following for their input: orochicoops, jericho37, hikari03, mykeleleng

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