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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Gamer's Journal Part 1: 1997-2000 RPGs, et al.

I was rummaging through my old things and i recovered a couple of very interesting pieces of paper that i initially believed to be lost for all time. I haven't really seen them for more than 7 years and finding them just opened a floodgate of memories. I used to be a gamer back in the mid to late 90's when Playstation 1 is in the pinnacle of it's popularity while SNES is on the stage of decline. Oftentimes i play 2-3 RPGs simultaneously which explains why there are "conquered" dates that are very close to each other.

This is the 2nd draft of the list which i re-organized back in 2000 (as indicated by the date above), at least 3 pages are missing though. Apparently, i have a lot of time in my hands back then...
Role playing games are my #1 interest though from time to time a really good game comes along and i pick it up. For every game i invested time on and finished i kept a short entry on a journal of the experience as well as the dates when i actually finished the game. Sadly though, the 2 pcs of paper i recovered are just the starting pages of the journal mentioned, i don't really know what happened to the accounts i have written about the actual games. Also, the entries on the pages i got stopped on 2000, i believe there are still some games i've finished after that date which i will try to check.
"Memories, make me want to go back there..."
My party usually have Celes instead of Cyan since Terra would be a default member anyway
I'll try to have these scanned later on and post the pics of these yellowing pieces of paper and the pencil-written accounts of my adventures - which i re-listed, re-written and re-organized in May of 2000(for evidence and documentation) but for now i would like to share the list of games i've played and conquered during my "gaming period" all those years ago. ("Memories" by Weezer playing in the background, how appropriate...)
Remember the chapter in Front Mission 3 that took place in The Philippines?

1997 April (?) ?? ?? -Chrono Trigger conquered (SNES)
1998 April 22 (?) Wednesday (?) -FF III (VI) conquered (SNES)
1998 December 11 Friday -FF Tactics conquered
1998 December 13 Sunday -FF VII conquered
1999 February 13 Saturday -Brave Fencer Musashi conquered
1999 February 15 Monday -Metal Gear Solid conquered (Otacon's ending)
1999 February 22 Monday -Metal Gear Solid conquered (Meryl's ending)
1999 April 2 Friday -Guardian's Crusade conquered
1999 May 12 Wednesday -Xenogears conquered
1999 June 21 Monday -Legends of Legaia conquered
1999 August 27 Friday -Lunar: Silver Star Story conquered
1999 November 17 Wednesday -FF VI conquered (PS1)
2000 January 3 Monday -FF VIII conquered
2000 April 1 Saturday -Parasite Eve conquered
2000 May 18 Thursday -Front Mission III conquered (Alisa's ending)
2000 May 20 Saturday -Breath of Fire III conquered
2000 June 3 Saturday -Front Mission III conquered (Emma's ending)
2000 June 20 Tuesday -Vagrant Story conquered
2000 July 28 Friday -Klonoa: Door to Phantomile conquered
2000 August 8 Tuesday -Galerians conquered
2000 August 18 Friday -Legend of Mana conquered
2000 August 25 Friday -Threads of Fate conquered (Rue's ending)
2000 September 2 Saturday -Threads of Fate conquered (Mint's ending)
2000 September 26 Tuesday -Danger Girl conquered
2000 September 30 Saturday -Diablo 2 conquered (Title: Sir)
2000 October 18 Wednesday -Chrono Cross conquered
2000 October 25 Wednesday -Parasite Eve 2 conquered (bad ending)
2000 November 3 Friday -Parasite Eve 2 conquered (good ending)
2000 November 7 Tuesday -Diablo 2 conquered (Title: Lord)
2000 November 21 Monday -Diablo 2 conquered (Title: Baron)

Xenogears - another Squaresoft masterpiece
Ashley Riot - RiskBreaker
TO BE CONTINUED...i'm yet to recover my records for Suikoden 1 and 2, Diablo 1 and others. Hopefully i can get hold of the short entries i also made, i believe they are incomplete though. Until then...


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    1. Thanks, unfortunately, after careful searching, i can't find the other pages. I hope to write a second part for this article.