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Monday, January 21, 2013

Trading Arts Kai Mini Vol.1 Yuna - Final Fantasy X & X-2

"Mini" seems to be one of the "In" things these days, from gadgets to figures and everything in between. Trading arts figures by SQEX have been around for some time and they are ripe for a reboot. I guess it's predictable then  that i won't pass the opportunity to grab one of them while on an early-year lull with Play Arts Kai. Predictably also the first figure who really caught my attention was Yuna. 
Why did i passed on Cloud and Squall and chose Yuna? Well, simply because you get 2 figures for the price of one... and she looked so damn cute. I guess my soft side got the best of me...anyway, i love the new packaging.

She comes with a stand, sealed behind the inner tray... how i wish SQEX would do the same for the larger Kais. You also get a couple of alternate faces, 3 text plates (sorry i can't read/speak Japanese), staff and 3 alternate hands (2 with guns for FFX-2 Yuna). I wonder what that "Slender Man" alternate face is supposed to represent though.
Aren't they cute...GAH! What's with the faceless head?!
I understand that the figures from the "Mini" line are more of display pieces so i'm not expecting much. I'm still surprised though with the attention to the itsy-bitsy details and articulation. The paint job is excellent as well though there is a small wayward silver speck on one of the alternate hands (the one with the silver ring). 
You won't get much articulation from the figures but the ones they included are enough for basic play and display purposes. Interchanging parts are also a breeze.
Overall, the Trading Arts Kai Yuna figures are a welcome break to a Kai collector who is still waiting for the upcoming releases this year. The price aren't bad as well though i must say they wouldn't interest you much if you're not a Final Fantasy fan. I can't help but wonder if the other Play Arts Kai line aren't up for a "Mini" transformation...Mini Solid Snake anyone?

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