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Monday, January 28, 2013

Play Arts Kai Yuna - Final Fantasy X FIRST PICS!

Was just randomly visiting forums i frequent a few minutes ago when i stumbled upon this very interesting news from Final Fantasy Merchandise courtesy of GHOST (bless you my friend!). This has got to be one of the best news i've heard in months regarding Play Arts Kai. Take a look at this...
cue the "Hallelujah" Chorus! 
Yes that's definitely her! And here's an ominous prophecy that made itself known to me while i behold the vision of Yuna!
And with Yuna comes Tidus 
and with X comes VII 
and VII begets Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Sephiroth
That which made VIII exist
Where Squall and Rinoa came to be...

Let the speculation begin - i personally like to see Kefka, Terra, Kain, and the guys from FF 6 below. Seems like we'll see the Kai form of the older Final Fantasy Series characters. As an FF fan who missed out on the older Play Arts line this news is welcome indeed. Details are still up for speculation but seems like, logically, these figures will be in the same scale as the upcoming FF7: Advent Children Play Arts Kai figs. Still hoping that this time they will be bigger, around the scale of Metal Gear Solid PAKs or at the very least in the same scale as the Batman: AC figures. One more pic after the jump.
Thank you Square-Enix, "Rem hennaed!"


  1. Man, this is awesome. Even on the back she looks prettier than the Play Arts version. I hope they fixed the joint issues the previous Yuna had.

  2. Funny seeing this. The play arts version of yuna was one of my first bootleg figures. When this kai version comes out, not only will it look better but it will be a perfect reminder of when i was unaware of fakes. She's gonna make a great replacement.